The Music Box, Music & Light Synchronization Controller

The Music Box, Music & Light Synchronization Controller

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The Music Box Controller allows you to sync lights to music or sound. This is a plug and play system that doesn't require a computer or complex software that needs to be programmed to operate. You just need an audio... Click here to view complete product details...

The Music Box Controller allows you to sync lights to music or sound. This is a plug and play system that doesn't require a computer or complex software that needs to be programmed to operate. You just need an audio source, sound system / speakers and lights to have a great display. The controller has 10 output channels that will handle 125 watts (1.25 amps) per 2 prong polarized, ungrounded output and 10 amps for the entire controller. It's a perfect light controller for DJ lighting or band lighting or 4th of July lighting, Halloween lighting, or Christmas lighting controller. They work with bulbs, mini lights and LED mini lights lighting. The Music Box will sync to sound or sync to music, it is a plug and play device that doesn't require a computer or software to operate that will synchronize Christmas lights to music. It's almost like Magic!

  • Made in the USA!
  • Silence detection - when no music is playing, all of the Music Box channels automatically turn on if you want them to!
  • Test mode - an easy way to make sure all your lights are working correctly through the controller!
  • Sync's lights to music or sounds
  • 10 output channels
  • Channels 1 and 2 sync to the beat, channels 3-10 sync to other parts of the music (note: not all of the channels will fire all of the time, it just depends on the music/source nuances)
  • 1.5 amps per output channel, 10 amps max total across all channels
  • Audio inputs can be daisy chained so that more than one Music Box can be used with the same audio/sound source
  • Doesn't require a computer or complex software to use.
  • Plug and Play
  • FCC part 15 Certified (will not cause EMF interference to radios and TVs or other broadcast signals)
  • Synchronization algorithm syncs to both the beat of the sound as well as̴ to the nuances and frequencies of other various parts of the music/audio. 
  • Does not work with RGB lights of any kind, designed to work best with standard LED strings and bulbs.
  • Does not work with singing faces or props that require specifically timed synchronized animation.

The Music Box synchronized light show controller includes a feature called Silence Detection. When the music/sound stops, outputs 1 and 2 will turn on and stay on until the sound resumes (when there is music/sound playing, outputs 1 and 2 will flash to the beat of the music). After approx. 7 seconds of no sound, all of the outputs will turn on and stay on until the music/sound resumes. This feature can be turned on or off - your choice!

NOTE: Do not use RGB ROPE lighting or string lighting of any kind that has its own controller built in to the lights as it will damage the controller and void the warranty. Single color rope light will work fine as will any standard string of Christmas lights or bulbs. 

Here's an unsolicited review of the Music Box that was posted on YouTube by one of our customers:


A Note From The Manufacturer: Music Box, Mini lights and LED's

There has been some talk about using Mini light sets and LED light sets with the PBS Music Box Light Controller.

When the Current Music Box was upgraded in 2019, better semiconductor switches were selected. This gave the controller a little better power at the outputs and a better response to the music. Our customers noticed the upgrade in the following ways. If they were using mini lights or tungsten lights, they were not as bright or as fast with the music being played. Led lights were full bright and had a better “look” with the Music Box.

This was because mini lights are tungsten and require the filament in the bulb to heat up to get a light output. If not hot enough, the bulb will look dim. LED’s are semi-conductor devices and turn on to full brightness in a instant. Many times, faster than a mini light bulb.

For the best “look” with the Music Box, LED’s should be used. You will also get more lighting effect, more bang for your buck by using LED’s as you can use more of them on each output.

Any questions, please call PBS Lighting at 602-702-6822 and ask for Stan (  Thank you.

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How Does It Work?

There are many ways to setup the Music Box controller so that you can send audio from your sound source to both the Music Box controller AND to a source output source so that you can hear the music. Here are some of the more common:

Using a "Y" audio splitter cable
Probably the most common setup. Simply purchase a Y audio cable like this one:

Then run one side of the Y to the Music Box controller using a standard 1/8" stereo audio cable and run the other side of the Y to your sound output device - be it a stereo, powered speaker, jam box, FM transmitter, etc.

Using a small audio mixer
Another common way to setup the Music Box controller is to use a small audio mixer like this one:

Then run the line out from the mixer to the Music Box controller and run your main audio outputs from the mixer to your speaker/sound device such as PA system, stereo, boom box, FM transmitter, etc.

Using an FM transmitter and multiple receivers
If you want to build a larger, synchronized display using the Music Box controller. one way to achieve this is by using an FM transmitter that sends the audio over an open FM frequency out to small FM receivers that you connect to any number of Music Box controllers. For example, if you use the audio mixer example above, you would run the line out from your audio source (phone, mp3 player, etc.) into the sound input jack on your FM transmitter.

Then simply attach a small FM receiver to each of your Music Box controller inputs - and tune the receiver to the same FM frequency that you are using on your FM transmitter. 

There is an added bonus with this setup. You can place several Music Boxes in your display with all the radio’s set to the same frequency as the transmitter and the lights will sync up with the transmitted music.

VIOLA! A synchronized light show using multi Music Box controllers!

If you have any questions about this setup, please call PBS Lighting and we they will be happy to help.

*** The Music Box controller is not water tight. The electronics are coated with a material that will protect it from basic moisture, but the enclosure is not water proof or resistant. It is recommended that if you intend to use the controller outdoors, to place the controller inside a weather proof enclosure.

*NOTE: This is a line level *only* device. do not connect the audio input to a stereo system or other amplified sound source unless it has a line level output. you will blow the sounds chip in the Music Box controller!


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