Buyer's Guide: LED Christmas Lights

Buyer's Guide: LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Lights Buyers Guide: An Amazing Selection of LED Christmas Lights

Puzzling over which type of Christmas Lights to choose for your festive project? Fear not, my friend! There's a plethora of options to choose from, ranging from 5mm LED light strings to dazzling color-changing RGB LED bulbs. But choosing the perfect lighting for your project can be a piece of cake when you delve into the world of LED Christmas Lights. Learn about all the different types of LED Christmas Lights we offer and make the right decision for your project!


M5 LED Christmas Light Strings

M5 LED Light Mini Light Strings

Let's start with the delightful LED Mini Light Strings, also known as M5 LED lights. These charming lights were designed to resemble the traditional incandescent mini lights we all adore. Oh, how wonderful it is to have the best of both worlds - the classic beauty of incandescent lights combined with the energy efficiency of LEDs!



5mm LED Wide Angle Mini Light Strings

Now, let us introduce you to the enchanting LED Wide Angle Mini Lights. Also known as 5mm LED lights. Oh, they may not look like M5 mini lights, but they serve the same purpose. These "polka dot" lights disperse their colorful glow in a wide, circular pattern. This pattern gives them a perceived brighter point of light than the m5/mini led light.



C6 LED Christmas Light Strings

LED C6 Light Strings

Ah, behold the mesmerizing LED C6 Light Strings, also known as "strawberry" lights. These light strings feature ¾ inch diameter faceted LED bulbs that are permanently affixed to wire. These LED C6 lights are a bit larger than the LED mini lights, but the same brightness as m5/mini LED lights. You can use these enchanting C6 lights both indoors and outdoors, adorning your Christmas trees and garlands with their radiant glow.


G12 LED Christmas Light Strings

LED G12 “Berry” Light Strings

Just like the name says, these LED “Berry” lights, also known as G12 LED lights, feature a string of berry-shaped bulbs that are permanently affixed to wire. They’re 12mm in diameter (about ½ an inch), and are perfect for wreaths and garlands, trees, shrubs - they are a very flexible bulb. Their unique shape is often preferred over the traditional cone shaped C6 light strings, which makes them a popular choice and a great addition to any indoor or outdoor decor.


Economy C7 Pre Lamped LED Christmas Light Strings

Economy Pre Lamped LED C7 Light Strings

If you love the traditional incandescent outdoor Christmas light bulbs, but you’re looking for an alternative to glass and overhead cost to power them, LED C7 Light Strings are the most comparable. These C7 Pre Lamped LED light Strings are also permanently affixed to the wire, and they are comparable to ⅞ inch diameter smooth bulbs, just like traditional incandescent lights. Pre Lamped C7 string lights are often referred to as 'economy' led string lights since they typically cost a good bit less than the pro grade replacement bulb equivalent, but they are also not as bright. Though these lights can be used inside or outside to create Christmas cheer on a budget!


Pro Grade C7 LED Bulbs

Pro Grade C7 LED Bulbs

Getting your lights in place, plugging them in and realizing that you have a couple burned out bulbs can make or break your home’s decoration. Be sure you’re checking each bulb prior to climbing the ladder. Be sure that each C7 LED bulb is tightened and brightly lit! Although LED bulbs are less likely to burn out, they can over time. C7 LED bulbs with pro grade C7 LED bulbs from The Christmas Light Emporium are consider some of the best available - with industry leading warranty and durability. Our LED C7 Christmas light bulbs look like traditional C7 bulbs, with an added LED flare. They are much brighter than our economy C7 LED pre lamped strings. They are also available in a faceted version for a more vibrant dispersion of light.


Economy Pre Lamped C9 LED Christmas Light Strings

Economy Pre Lamped LED C9 Light Strings

Although the same brightness as our economy C7 pre lamped LED light strings, there are a bigger bulb - a larger point of light. Economy LED pre lamped C9 Lights are 1-⅛ inch in diameter with faceted bulb. They are permanently fixed to wire, and are less expensive (and not as bright) when compared to pro grade LED replacement C9 bulbs. They are great for indoor or outdoor use, just like all of our LED strings and bulbs.


Pro Grade C9 LED Christmas Light Bulbs

Pro Grade C9 LED Bulbs

Pro Grade C9 LED replacement bulbs can be tough to find, unless you’re online at The Christmas Light Emporium. It can be tough to find any bulb you’re looking for in LED form. To follow good practice, be sure you’re checking each bulb prior to climbing the ladder. Be sure each LED bulb in your C9 light strand is tight and brightly lit. If you do come across a bulb that needs replacement, our C9 LED replacement bulbs are here to save your Christmas spirit!


Commercial Co-Axial LED Christmas Light Strings

Commercial Co-Axial LED Light Sets

We all love when the holidays arrive! There are businesses all around town that take advantage of the commercial application of LED light sets, and with our co-axial commercial light strings, we can help decorators, businesses and cities save money. Daisy-chained strings, and splitters with a waterproof gasket seal will allow you to produce an amazing display that is moisture resistant and maintenance free, even on a large scale display.


Battery Powered LED Christmas Lights

Battery Operated LED Light Strings

If you’re looking for a set of LED lights to include in your homemade wreaths, on your desk at work, as a wedding or event centerpieces or even inside your car, battery operated LED light strings are a premier choice. You can easily hide the wire in the wreath, behind pictures on your desk, inside a small planter centerpiece, or tucked into the crevices of your car.


Christmas Light Chase Controllers

Christmas Light Chase Controllers

If you're looking to have step up your decorating game, a Christmas light chase controller is in order. You can set your LED light strings to dance, twinkle, shimmer and flash on and off easily. We carry the widest variety of Christmas light chase controllers, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly. Check out our selection of Christmas light chase controllers today!


Get to know your favorite style of lights and shop with The Christmas Light Emporium to find the perfect LED Christmas lights you’re in need of! Contact us with any questions or concerns.

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