Buyer's Guide: SuperSpark, QuadSpark, Dazzle, and DreamSpark

Buyer's Guide: SuperSpark, QuadSpark, Dazzle, and DreamSpark

Ready to make an impact for your Christmas display or light show?

Add some pizzazz to your holiday display. We offer a plethora of light strings that are sure to make your decorations shine. These lights are no ordinary bulbs, they strobe, fade, and even change colors! Imagine how your home will stand out with these whimsical additions. Learn about some of the most popular options, how they work, and find the perfect fit for your holiday extravaganza.

The Christmas Light Emporium has a wide variety of different types of LED light strings that will twinkle, fade, and strobe to help your display truly stand out. Learn more about the differences between our SuperSpark, QuadSpark, Dazzle and DreamSpark strings so you can make the right choice this holiday season. All of these 5mm strobe and slow fade light types come in a variety of colors so you can easily match them to any type of display you are creating. From holiday displays to indoor or outdoor events, we always have what you need! To explore our full collection, you can shop with us online today, or you can get in touch with our team to find out what the perfect lighting option will be for your situation.

Some fun ways to use 5mm strobe lights and slow fade lights:

  • in a synchronized light show
  • make your Christmas tree look like the Rockefeller center tree in NYC!
  • Use DreamSpark to highlight a mantle or in your garland around a door or down a stair railing
  • Wrap QuadSpark around a tree trunk and branches to make it spark



The SuperSpark strobing light strings are our best-selling 5mm LED lights, and with good reason! These aren’t your standard twinkle strands with a subtle on and off. These lights strobe quickly and randomly, with a true pop! All 50 bulbs strobe independently of each other, causing fun and exciting patterns that look great wrapped around a tree or as an addition to any display.





If you want the pop and sizzle of the SuperSpark but with a little bit more subtlety, then the QuadSpark is the right choice for you. On these strands, instead of every bulb strobing, only every fourth bulb strobes - and the strobing bulb is the same color as the static bulbs on the string. IE on a string of blue QuadSpark you will have 3 static blue bulbs followed by a single blue strobing bulb and the pattern repeats. This creates a fun twinkling effect that adds movement and excitement to your display, but doesn’t look like a crazy dance party.




In the same vein as the QuadSpark, our Dazzle line performs the same function, but with a little bit of variety. While the QuadSpark strands are all one single color, in our Dazzle strands, the strobing light (every fourth bulb) is always a cool white bulb. This gives off an effect like twinkling stars on your display!




Warm White DreamSpark

If you love movement and variety in your lights but the strobing is just too intense for you, then you’ll love our DreamSpark options. These lights offer smooth fading transitions, so you won’t feel like you’re looking at constant camera flashes. Rather, each bulb on the string slowly fades in and out randomly - a bit like a field of slow motion fireflies. These lights may be ideal for indoor usage or partnered with other lights to add some texture and variety.



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Find Exciting 5mm LED Light strings

When you’re preparing your light displays for the holidays or events, you can always find incredible options from The Christmas Light Emporium. Check out the types of 5mm LED string lights we’ve listed here and find the right colors and combinations to set the mood for your light shows, or get in touch with our team to learn what we might recommend for your display. You can shop for all of types of lights online today and enjoy fast shipping!

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