Rudolph's Christmas Tree Light String Calculator!

The number of light strings you might need for your sparkly-glittery-fancy-PREFECT Christmas tree depends a lot on personal preference. The recommendations provided here assume that you just LOVE an evenly spaced distribution of your lights both vertically and horizontally throughout your tree - at either 4" spacing or 6" spacing between bulbs.

The most common spacing for indoor Christmas trees is 4". Some folks prefer 6" - and some of our specialty light strings, like our SuperSpark and QuadSpark 5mm strobe light strings, are only available with 6" spacing between the bulbs. So be sure to match the results here (ie 70 bulbs strings with 4" spacing, etc.) to the light strings you are shopping for.

In order to calculate the recommended number of strings for YOUR tree, you need to know its height and its bottom width. Select the closest option in the drop down boxes below (tip: the bottom canopy width of most Christmas trees is about 50% of it's height) - and BAM! The number of strings of our 4 most popular light string configurations will appear like magic! 

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