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Darren Vader"Our philosophy is simple; share the joy! It is this philosophy that lies at the heart of every product we sell and everything we do. We believe that if we help you create as many smiles as possible, spread as much joy as possible, develop as many memories as possible and share the great gift of hope with as many people as possible during the holiday season and beyond, our world will be a far better place."

~Darren Vader, The Christmas Light Emporium


It is our mission to always be looking for new ways to help Memory Makers create their unique Christmas visions. There are a lot of reasons to shop with The Christmas Light Emporium when bringing your Christmas decorating vision to life. Here are a few:

The Good Stuff (i.e., the stuff you care about most!)

1. Low Flat Rate Shipping! $9 flat rate shipping is available for most orders. 

2. Free return shipping when you choose exchange or store credit as your refund method and your order included the low priced optional Redo returns option with your order.

3. 30 day return policy (60 days for exchanges or store credit). Just let us know if it doesn't work out.

4. Red Suit Rewards customer rewards program. Earn points for more than just your everyday purchases. It's like Santa leaving you a stocking full of cash on Christmas day! Learn more here.

5. Easy financing with Shop Pay Installments - pay over time with no finance charge!

6. Protect shipments against loss and theft with Red Suit Shipping Protection. When selected with your order - your shipment is protected from loss, damage and theft. If something happens - no worries! We'll take care of it for you as quickly as possible.

7. We donate a portion of every order to charity, at no cost to you. Learn more here.

8. Our NPS score is #1 in the holiday lighting industry.


The Better Stuff (ie, the stuff we care about most!)

1. We believe in your passion (see more about that here.)

2. We are an open book. We truly believe in the hope of the season and we work hard to provide you with the best products at the best price. We are not as big as some of our competitors, but we sure do work harder to bring you the best experience possible and will always answer any question you may have about our business, our products, our people, our pricing, etc. with honesty. This is our open book policy. We indeed are running a business, but it is a business with a mission. That mission is to help you bring more hope into the world. We believe that if you are a part of this mission that you will help us expand it. And that by providing the best products at a competitive price and with unique and fun perks along the way, we can accomplish this mission together.

3. We are always open to your feedback. This is how we gauge our success (and failures). And it is imperative to our mission.

4. Our customer service is consistently rated among the best in the industry.
The Christmas Light Emporium LED Christmas Lights Net Promoter Score Cloud
5. We use the net promoter score to measure the perceptions of our customers and have held a 5 star net promoter score since inception. You can read more about the net promoter score methodology here. In fact, every once in awhile we like to take a look at the keyword cloud that this tool assembles. It is like a website tag cloud, but is based on the frequency of words that customers use in their survey responses. It always makes us smile. We aren't perfect, but these types of visualizations help us see that we are in fact working on point and at least moving toward our mission of helping people share joy and create hope in the world.


If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact us at support@thechristmaslightemporium.com and we'll get back to you in a jiffy!

Make Memories. Create Smiles.

We help you create smiles in the moment and memories that last a lifetime.