Hand Made in the U.S.A.

Our wireframe displays are designed and hand-made in the USA using techniques that allow us to produce the best quality piece at the best possible price for your holiday enjoyment. We offer a wide assortment of latex-coated Christmas wireframe and yard art displays as well as large scale commercial displays for drive through parks – we have everything from Santa and Snowmen to shamrock’s and Easter eggs! We can also design and build custom designs to your precise specification. Just send a drawing and tell us what size you need it and we can probably build it for you. Email us at sales@thechristmaslightemporium.com for more information about custom wireframe displays or to get started on your one-of-a-kind wireframe display. Please note that all of our wireframes are hand made and as such they can take up to 7-10 extra days of processing time prior to shipping, especially during the busiest months of October-December.

  • Grid List
3 Pc Nativity Large Mary Joseph Jesus
Description 3 Pc Nativity Large- Mary/Joseph/Jesus Measures 50"T x 86"W (including ground stakes) - LED...
$ 399.99
3 Pc Santa Sleigh Set
Description 3 Pc Santa Sleigh Set - 44"T x 119"W
SKU: LLD-400-3PC
$ 385.99 $ 328.09
3 Pc Sea Horse 1 Lg 2 Sm
Description 3 Pc Sea Horse 1 Lg 2 Sm- Measures 45"T x 35"W (including ground...
SKU: LLD-800-3SH
$ 227.99
3 Piece Angels with Trumpet
Description 3 Piece Angels with Trumpet Measures 47"T x 64"W (including ground stakes) - LED...
SKU: LLD-600-3AT
$ 344.99
3 Piece Animated Jumping Dolphin with Santa Hat!
Description 3 Piece Animated Jumping Dolphin with Santa Hat- Measures 48"T x 146"W (including ground...
$ 393.99
3 Piece Ghost Animated
Description 3 Piece Ghost Animated - This whimsical animated Halloween display looks like a ghost...
$ 303.99
3 Piece Lollipop Train Small
Description 3 Piece Lollipop TrainSmall- Measures 28"T x 66"W (including ground stakes) - LED M5...
$ 326.99
4 Pc Christmas Train Animated C7 Wheels Large
Description 4 Pc Christmas Train- Animated C7 Wheels Large- Measures 67"T x 252"W (including ground...
$ 1,852.99
4 Piece Animated Jumping Dolphins
Description Jumping Dolphins Animated 2 Dolphin Full Bodies - 1 Head, 1 Tail with Splash-...
$ 430.99
5 Point Star
Description 5 Point Star- Measures 40" T x 40" W (including ground stakes) Yard art...
$ 109.99
52" Tall Toy Soldier
Description Soldier with Rifle Measures 52"T x 18"W - LED M5 LightsSoldier with Rifle
$ 156.99
Adult Ice Skaters
Description Adult Ice Skaters- Woman measures 58" H x 33" W, Man measures 62" H...
$ 323.99
American Flag
Description American Flag Measures 23"T x 32"W (Hanging) - LED M5 Lights. Christmas Decorations, American...
$ 194.99
Angel with Trumpet Large
Description Angel with Trumpet Large Measures 47"T x 20"W (including ground stakes) - LED M5...
$ 171.99
Angel with Trumpet Medium
Description Angel with Trumpet Medium Measures 37"T x 25"W (including ground stakes) - LED M5...
$ 133.99
Angel with Trumpet Small
Description Angel with Trumpet Small Measures 31"T x 19"W (including ground stakes) - LED M5...
$ 108.99
Animated 4' Drumming Soldier
DescriptionAnimated 4' Drumming Soldier - 52" x 22"
SKU: LLD-211-4DS
$ 237.99
Animated 4' Saluting Soldier
DescriptionAnimated 4' Saluting Soldier - 52" x 19"
SKU: LLD-211-4SS
$ 232.99