Dead Walkers HD - Walking Dead Projection Effect - Digital Download

Dead Walkers HD - Walking Dead Projection Effect - Digital Download

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Dead Walkers is Jon Hyers answer to the Walking Dead Zombies. With the supreme assistance of movie... See complete product details...


Dead Walkers is Jon Hyers answer to the Walking Dead Zombies. With the supreme assistance of movie makeup artist and Tom Savini School graduate, Aleah Kraft, the Dead Walkers will convince people that Zombies are walking in your house, and trying to force their way out. 20 different Scenes come with this digital product, including Vertical Framed Scenes which allow you to double brightness and resolution of an image, on a tall thin window by turning your wide screen projector, 90 degrees on it's side. Watch hoards of zombies walk down a hallway, chasing a woman who gets "tabled" and eaten in another scene. Zombies looking out various windows, with different angles [medium, wide and closeup]. Zombies break windows, and appear against multiple backgrounds from fog, to rooms, to black.

Set up is easy! This is a digital decoration that is played on a standard DVD player out through any standard projector and display onto a rear projection material to provide the illusion of characters walking around inside your house! There are many materials you can use for rear projection including something as simple are a window sheer, a shower curtain or other thin white fabric. but the best projection results will come from using a professional rear projection material, sold separately.

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