Throwing the Perfect Christmas Party — Part I

Throwing the Perfect Christmas Party — Part I

You probably haven’t begun shopping for Christmas presents yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning this year’s Christmas party. A good party requires a great deal of work, but the memories you share will last a lifetime. In today’s post, we’ll begin to explain how you can throw a fun and memorable Christmas party for your loved ones this year.

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Set a Date as Soon as Possible

As you’re surely aware, the Christmas season is one of the busiest and most hectic times of the year. Young kids are out of school, college kids are home for an extended break, and everyone is out shopping for gifts, Christmas lights and decorations, festive treats, and so much more. This means that you need to think carefully about the date you choose — you don’t want to step on the toes of another friend who also throws yearly Christmas parties, and you certainly don’t want a low turnout because of company parties or because your party is too close to Christmas itself. While every situation is different, planning your party early in the month may be the best way to ensure that everyone on your list is able to attend.

Choose Your Guests and Send Out Invitations 

No matter when you decide to throw your party, you should set the date and send out invitations as quickly as possible. But first, you need to figure out who you’ll invite! If you throw a yearly Christmas party, then you probably already have a pretty good idea of who you’ll be inviting this year. If not, then now is your chance to bring your friends and family together! Think about your neighbors, coworkers, and even extended family members who may want to come.

After you’ve put together your guest list, you need to send out your invitations so that people can mark the date on their calendars. If you have pictures of previous parties, then you may want to include a fun and festive photo of your LED Christmas-light filled home to get people excited! 

Think about the kind of party you want to throw: do you want to field all of the costs yourself, or do you want to have each guest bring an item to share? While the former will provide your guests with an all-inclusive gathering, the latter is a great way to make the party more diverse and allow everyone to try new and different items.

Now that you’ve planned your guest list and sent out your invitations, it’s time to think about where you’ll hang your LED Christmas lights! We have a few ideas, but we’ll save them for the next installment of this series.

The Christmas Light Emporium is your one-stop-shop for Christmas lights and decorations — stop by our online store to prepare for this Christmas season!

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