Throwing the Perfect Christmas Party — Part II

Throwing the Perfect Christmas Party — Part II

If you’re throwing a Christmas party this year, then you may be looking for a bit of guidance. We gave you a few tips for planning an amazing party in a previous post, and in today’s post, we’ll continue to explain how to throw an amazing party for your friends and family this Christmas season.

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Plan Your Decor

Throwing a Christmas party is about spending time with your friends and family, but setting the right mood with your decor is an equally important component. You probably already have an idea of what your party will look like, so all you need to do is choose Christmas lights and decorations that match your chosen theme. For instance, if your party is more formal and guests will be looking their best when they walk through the door, then you may want to choose something like our warm white LED Christmas lights for the party. On the other hand, a fun and lively ugly sweater party might be perfectly complemented by an eclectic selection of LED Christmas lights!

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Consider Entertainment

Your Christmas lights and decorations will be awe-inspiring, of course, but you may want to have some fun activities planned for your guests. A low-cost white elephant exchange is always fun and sure to get your guests laughing, and if it’s not too cold, then you may want to think about caroling in your local area! Bringing Christmas cheer to your neighbors is always a fun way to spend an evening, and your guests will all have a lovely view of your LED Christmas lights as you head back to the party.

On a more romantic note, if you have a few single friends, then why not hang a mistletoe somewhere in the kitchen to make things more interesting?

Think About Food and Drinks 

In our previous post, we mentioned that you should let your guests know in advance if they’re supposed to bring a small dish or drink to share. Regardless of whether your guests will be bringing something for the entire party, it’s your duty as a host to ensure that the party has something for everyone.

Depending on how many guests are attending, you may want to stick to homemade appetizers and desserts such as Christmas cookies and other festive confections. If your party is smaller, then consider making something more involved like turkey, ham, or your favorite festive vegetarian dish. Food allergies and dietary restrictions are very common these days, so be sure that you’ve asked your guests in advance if you need to accommodate any special circumstances.

When it comes to your drink menu, the options are virtually endless! Eggnog, hot cider, and hot cocoa are all Christmas staples, and you can always serve them with an adult twist. In fact, creating a make-your-own-drink bar decorated with LED Christmas lights is a great way to add even more Christmas cheer to the party.

No matter which foods and drinks you include in your party, the most important thing to ensure is that there’s enough to go around!

Stay tuned for our final installment in this series, and be sure to shop with The Christmas Light Emporium for the Christmas lights and decorations you need this season!

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