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Use C7 and C9 LED Replacement Bulbs to Make Custom Light Strands

LED Christmas light strands are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many decorators use standard C7 and C9 pre-lamped strands to decorate the outlines of their homes and businesses. Professional decorators prefer using LED replacement bulbs that screw into standard C7 or C9 stringer or socket wire. C7 and C9 LED replacement bulbs also make the transition from traditional incandescent lighting to LED Christmas lighting easier and more affordable. One of the coolest things you can do with C7 or C9 LED replacement bulbs is to build your custom light strands using unique color patterns that you won't find in any pre-lamped strand on the market.

Here are some great ideas:

  • Use many different colors to create a multicolor pattern
  • Create color themes that can be changed out by season just by changing one or two colors of C7 or C9 LED replacement bulbs
  • Create patterns by using alternating colors for every other bulb
  • Get really crazy and create patterns by alternating colors for every third or fourth bulb
  • Make a red and white candy cane pattern
  • Make a Christmas red and green pattern
  • Make a 'minty' pure white and green pattern
  • Use the colors of your favorite sports team

The benefits of C7 or C9 LED replacement bulbs vs. pre-lamped strands:

C7 and C9 LED Christmas light replacement bulbs are a great way to design unique Christmas lighting for your home or business.

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