Fill Your Home With Lights This Christmas

Christmas lights can make or break your Christmas. If you’re someone who loves to go take rides around the city you live in to check out all of the different Christmas light designs and decorations other people have created, then you’ll love creating your very own memorable lit up house! In our previous post, we started giving you some expert tips on how to dazzle your home, whether you’re a LED Christmas light novice or a veteran.
  1. Before you started decorating the exterior of your home with LED outdoor Christmas lights, be sure you plug them in and make sure all of the bulbs are shining bright. Check for burnt out bulbs and replace them with new lights before decking the halls.
  2. It’s time to get rid of the old-fashioned staples, napes, hooks or screws you use to mount your display. Instead of putting holes in your home, opt for using electrical tape. It’s a quick and easy alternative that won’t destroy your roof or gutters, plus it’s great for protecting electrical connections. Clips are also a great alternative to nails, staples, screws or hooks if you prefer a more organized look.
  3. When putting lights up on your roof, make sure you’re using a sturdy ladder. Take the time to enlist a helper to keep your ladder steady as you hang the lights on your roof or on tall trees. Tip: to keep lights attached to branches, zip tie them or use twist ties!
Where do you think you’re going? Start shopping for LED outdoor Christmas Lights and stay tuned for more great expert tips for dazzling your home with cheerful Christmas lights!

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