7 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas Using Lights

7 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas Using Lights

At The Christmas Lights Emporium, we never want you to run out of Christmas decorating ideas. That’s why we’re here with seven creative ways you can use your Christmas lights this year. 

Running low on Christmas lights? Or can’t get your lights detangled from last year’s clean up? Then order new lights fromThe Christmas Light Emporium now! Don’t wait until the last minute to get your lights. Instead, shop our selection now and get free shipping on any order over $150. 

Bring Santa to Your Chimney

If you’re looking to outdo Martha May Whovier (fromHow the Grinch Stole Christmas) this Christmas, you might want to make sure you include Santa amongst your LED Christmas lights. Nothing looks more festive than having Santa and his presents ready to climb down your chimney! At The Christmas Light Emporium, you can choose your favorite Santa style, includingSanta with his toy bag, aSanta that’s stuck in a chimney, orSanta with his sleigh and reindeer

Get Creative with Your Lights 

Have you ever seen Christmas lights that have been synchronized to music? Why couldn’t that be your house this year? If you’re ready to upgrade your LED Christmas lights this year, or get more creative than you’ve ever gotten, then pick your favorite Christmas song and start the light show! 

At The Christmas Light Emporium, you can purchase Synchrony™ — an intelligent LED controller that will help you synchronize your lights with your music this year. Not sure how to make everything come together? Synchrony™ requires no programming, making it easier to bring a high-quality light show to your outdoor Christmas lights and decorations! 

Try a Tree Alternative

Whether you don’t have space for an entire tree or you have cats who like to knock things down, there are ways to celebrate Christmas without an actual tree. Some people have gotten creative, making trees from books or hanging their tree upside down and out of reach from their pets. 

But at The Christmas Light Emporium, we love LED Christmas lights. Instead of a more traditional artificial or real tree, order yourself asmall Christmas tree made from lights. Want something even more simple or low cost? Order yourself astrand of green lights and use it to create a tree shape on your wall!   

Invest in Year-Round Decorations

Whilerope lights might look great hanging from your eves this Christmas, have you ever considered using them as an indoor decoration? Rope lights are a great choice if you’re looking for a crafty way to reuse your LED Christmas lights or for a unique way to add some light to your living room. Choose your favorite color and hang them around the room to add a little more style. 

If you’re not a fan of rope lights, you can swap those out for more traditional light strands or bulbs. Worried about the way lights made of green wires will look in your home? Opt forlights with white wires so they blend better with your walls! 

Create an Indoor Winter Wonderland

If you have small children or love decorating your home inside and out, turn your home into a icy wonderland of your own. 

Use a mixture ofsnowflakes, white lights, andicicles to create the effect. Just pick a hallway and dangle lights from the ceiling and down the walls. Every time you walk down the hallway, you’ll experience a mini wonderland of your own! 

Display Your Christmas Cards

Odds are your mailbox fills with Christmas cards the second Thanksgiving ends. But do you have a plan for displaying those cards in your home? Since we love our LED Christmas lights, we’re always looking for any way we can incorporate lights to make Christmas more festive. Just layer rows of Christmas lights on an open wall in your house, grab some clothes pins, and pin your Christmas cards to your lights. It’s a great way to fill the empty space in one of your rooms and show off all the beautiful cards you got! 

Go Even Bigger

Christmas-time is the perfect time to drive around and look at the Christmas lights. Want your home to stand out this year? Invest in a large Christmas decoration that no one will miss. From agiant Christmas tree tothree singing trees or a48-foot light show tunnel, you can easily find some over-the-top decorations for your home! 

Get Creative with Your Christmas Lights and Decorations

Do you feel inspired enough to start ordering your Christmas lights and decorations. With December rapidly approaching, it’s never too soon to get your lights ordered and hung up. In fact, there is nothing better than beating the first snow! 

AtThe Christmas Light Emporium, what have every LED Christmas light you could imagine. Start stocking up today and have the brightest and most festive house this holiday season! 

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