ColorSplash: More Ideas for Using Colorful Light Strings All Year Long - The Christmas Light Emporium

ColorSplash: More Ideas for Using Colorful Light Strings All Year Long

ColorSplash: More Ideas for Using Colorful Light Strings All Year Long

ColorSplash: Ideas for Using Colorful Light Strings All Year Long

The holiday season is synonymous with warmth, joy, and the buzzing anticipation of twinkling lights adorning homes and streets alike. However, as technology evolves and innovation blooms, the gentle glow of traditional Christmas lights is now part of a vibrant kaleidoscope—literally! And not just for Christmas!

The highlight of festivities is not just the warmth of merry gatherings but also the radiance of lighting that pushes boundaries with new hues and dynamics. Meet ColorSplash: our colorful line of Christmas lights that redefines what can be imagined with lighting - all year long.

A Color Extravaganza

Get inspired as we unravel the vibrant palettes of our ColorSplash line of led light strings, bulbs, net lights and icicle lights. Each color scheme is designed to evoke specific festive moods and bring life to your celebrations all year long. It's the marriage of tradition and technology, producing an visual treat for the eyes.

ColorSplash Champagne

Champagne - Classic Elegance with a Twist

Imagine a symphony of warm white, cool white, and pure - we call it 'Champagne'. ColorSplash Champagne is about festival flair. Whether it’s a cozy neighborhood gathering or a chic soirée, these lights ooze a timeless charm that's hard to resist.

ColorSplash Christmas

Christmas - Expressive and Vibrant

For those who revel in the classic celebration of Christmas, ColorSplash  Christmas is a jubilant burst of red, green, and cool white. These hues narrate tales of unwrapping presents, the aroma of pine, and the laughter that resonates. It's the very essence of a spirited, traditional Christmas.

ColorSplash Holly

Holly - Fresh and Full of Nature's Energy

ColorSplash Holly dances with the myriad greens and the occasional pop of red, presenting a vibrant yet organic festive vibe. Perfect for those who want to honor the earthy spirit of the season, these lights evoke a sense of renewal and nature's bounty in the jovial backdrop of seasonal celebrations. They also make a great backdrop for your outdoor bar or kitchen all summer long!

ColorSplash Shamrock

ColorSplash Shamrock - A Funky Green Revolution

Sometimes quirkiness bestows an offbeat charm to traditional events. ColorSplash Shamrock, with its mix of yellow, green, and lime green, is just the twist you need to make your festivities stand out. It's the choice for those who dare to be different and paint the town green, quite literally! And you know that old Irish proverb... "whoever has the most lights, has the best luck!"

ColorSplash Bahamas

ColorSplash Bahamas - Oceanic Teal and Blue Serenity

The hum of tides and the tranquility of the ocean are brought to life with ColorSplash Bahamas. With a duo of green and blue, accented by a gentle teal, these lights create a serene ambience that whispers of tropical paradises for your summer soiree or to adorn the frigid December air.

ColorSplash Winter

ColorSplash Winter - The Subtle and Soothing Blend

ColorSplash Winter delicately harmonizes warm white, green, and cool white. This palette is all about the quiet charm of winter nights, the cozy comfort of mocha by the fireside, and the gentle flurries of varying shades that reflect off the snow’s pristine canvas. Now that we've set this cozy image in your mind, switch gears! Because they also bring a fantastic ambiance to your outdoor spaces all year long.

ColorSplash Halloween

ColorSplash Halloween - Spooky and Spectacular

Just when you thought Christmas lights couldn't surprise you any further, we introduce ColorSplash Halloween. It's the holiday seasoning before the season, the traditional of the the summer season and the pre-cursor to our favorite season - ready to lend that eerie illumination to your haunted houses, pumpkin patches, fall celebrations and ghoulish galas, with shades that capture the mischief and magic of Halloween.

Brighten Every Day: Year-Round Decorating with ColorSplash Light Strings

When the holiday season wraps our world in lights, the air seems to shimmer with a special kind of magic. Yet, what if we could capture that glow all year round? Every day represents a unique celebration of light and color. That's the vision of ColorSplash Christmas lights – a delightful journey that starts with holiday decor but lingers long after the final festive moment.

Where to Find ColorSplash Light Strings, Bulbs, Net Lights and Icicles Lights?

To discover the complete range of our ColorSplash collection and the accompanying accessories, visit The Christmas Light Emporium’s online cataloghere.

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