10 Christmas Decorations to Make Your House Shine This Year

10 Christmas Decorations to Make Your House Shine This Year

Nothing gets someone into the spirit of the holidays quite like walking or driving around and looking at Christmas lights and holiday decorations. Decorations are a wonderful way to make the holidays more memorable for the people in your life, and at The Christmas Light Emporium, we are thrilled to offer a wide variety of decorations. With our help, you can make your house shine.

In today’s post, we will cover ten different decorations that are sure to brighten your house and your neighborhood this holiday season. You can buy all of these decorations on our site, as well as numerous other types of LED Christmas lights and decorations. Keep reading to learn more about ten of our favorite decorations you can use to get your home into the spirit of Christmas this year.


Do you get tired of hanging up lights on the eaves of your house each year? If so, then consider getting EverLights! EverLights are permanent lights that can take a large part of the hassle out of decorating every year. Even if your decorations change each year, you probably still hang many lights in some of the same spots on your house. EverLights can be installed on your house so you do not need to worry about putting those base lights up and taking them down each year.

When properly installed, EverLights stay hidden during the day. Better yet, they are programmable, so you can change the colors of your lights throughout the year. This makes it easy to decorate for every holiday, not just Christmas! EverLights are fantastic decorations for those that don’t want to worry about putting their decorations up each year. They give you a good decorative baseline that you can add to and accentuate.

Singing Characters

At The Christmas Light Emporium, we offer some unique holiday decorations such as our Singing Characters. Singing Characters are large, animated light shows that you can put directly on your lawn. These are commercial-quality decorations built by our team, right here in the USA.

We have come up with ways to bring characters such as Santa, elves, reindeer, and more and to life, and they are sure to infuse your house with holiday cheer. The combination of graphics and lights make Singing Characters wonderful decorations for both day and night. They can form the centerpiece of your lawn decorations and fascinate all the onlookers who come by.

Blue and White Icicle Lights

Over the last 20 or so years, icicle lights have skyrocketed in popularity and become a staple of Christmas decorations all over the country. Icicle lights can look both classy and novel, all while ensuring your house glows bright on cold winter nights. At The Christmas Light Emporium, we think blue and white icicle lights are some of the best lights to use when decorating your home. They are perfect for Christmas and New Year celebrations, so you won’t have to take them down as soon as December ends.

LED Snowflakes

When it comes to holiday decor, you will want to use designs that frequently spread cheer. What design does this more than a snowflake? Snowflakes often remind us of what makes each of us unique, and although the designs represent something cold, they can invoke warm memories of time spent with family and friends.

You can buy LED snowflakes from The Christmas Light Emporium at affordable prices. These are wonderful decorations to hang in a window or display on the side of your house.

Adult Ice Skaters

Yard decorations often bring Christmas and holiday decorations to the next level, and one fantastic yard design on our site is the Adult Ice Skaters. This display lights up and the design invokes winter hopes and memories. Order yours today and at these skaters to your collection of decorations.

LED Christmas Decor

Thanks to the power and efficiency of LEDs, it is possible to bring all your favorite Christmas designs to life. Do you want to display bells on the side of your house? Put a large ornament in your window? Attach a bright star to your roof? All of these things and more can be done easily with LED Christmas decor. We sell a wide variety of LED designs on our site, so you are bound to find the right sized Christmas display to send your decorations to the next level.

Christmas Projections

Do you still want to decorate for the holidays, but lack the time or space to hang more lights? Get Christmas projections as a solution! Christmas projections are fantastic ways to bring animations to life and display your favorite holiday characters and scenes on your home. The Christmas Light Emporium is the home of the Original Virtual Santa, and we have several other projection effects that will amaze the neighborhood.

Net Lights

Have you ever wondered how your neighbor gets perfect lines of lights around the trees in their yard? The answer is that they probably use net lights. Net lights make it easier to light up areas that it can be challenging to light with classic strand lights. We sell numerous net lights on our site so you can easily decorate tree trunks, hedges, or even your entire front lawn.

LED Wreaths and Garland

Wreaths and garland are classic Christmas decorations. The only issue? They don’t light up at night! Luckily, this problem can be solved by getting LED wreaths and garland.

The LED wreaths and garland for sale on our site provide the perfect mixture of traditional and modern Christmas decorations. During the day, each one simply looks like the classic design. At night though, your large wreath or strand of garland lights up, adding a gorgeous, warm touch to your decor.

Classic Christmas Lights

Finally, we come to the tried and true method of spreading holiday cheer in December: classic Christmas lights. Classic lights are most frequently seen with multiple colors (usually red, blue, and green) as well as warm white lights. Thanks to LEDs, you can now buy strands of single color lights affordably. This makes it easy to decorate sections of your property in different colors and bring your wildest decoration dreams to life.

At The Christmas Light Emporium, we try to provide the most options possible for holiday decorating. Whether you just want a couple stands of classic lights or wish to bring an intricate display to life, we have the products that can help you make your wishes come true.

Feel free to use this list as a basis to get started and begin browsing our site for more decorations today! Browse our blog for more tips and tricks for ensuring your house spread the holiday cheer.

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