How Many Lights To Put on a Christmas Tree

How Many Lights To Put on a Christmas Tree

While pre-lit artificial Christmas trees grace shelves of big box stores, there is no denying the joy that comes from stringing your lights through pine-scented branches. Even if you opt for an artificial tree, there is still magic that comes with decorating your Christmas tree exactly how you envisioned it. From choosing the theme of your Christmas tree decor to hand-selecting where those precious family ornaments will sit — and even whether to top your tree with an angel, star, bow, or gnome — there are a lot of decisions that go into decorating your tree. While it may be easy to decide on the ornaments for your tree, choosing the right Christmas lights can be more difficult.

When it comes to Christmas lights, there are a wide variety of styles, shapes, and even sizes. Not only do you have to choose between LED or incandescent, but you also have to consider how many lights you will need for your tree and how to hang them.

At The Christmas Light Emporium, we believe that lighting is magical. Not only can it take you back to your favorite childhood Christmas memories but it can also spark new traditions and holiday excitement. In today’s post, we will go over everything you need to know about properly lighting your Christmas tree, as well as the all-important question — how many lights do I need? Keep reading to learn more and find the perfect selection of Christmas lights by shopping our collection!

How To String Lights on a Christmas Tree

When stringing Christmas lights on a tree, it is important to have the right approach. Instead of wrapping your lights around the tree, opt for dividing your tree into three sections from top to bottom, around the tree's cone. Plug in your first string of lights, and carefully nestle the last bulb next to the trunk of your tree. Now you are ready to begin weaving your lights back and forth horizontally across your first section. Once you complete your first strand of lights, attach another and continue the process, section to section. After you have finished, step back and examine your work. If there are dark areas or gaps, rearrange your lights carefully to fill them.

How To Hang Christmas Tree Lights Vertically

Hanging lights horizontally like the above method is the traditional form of decorating, but have you considered hanging your light strands vertically? This small change can have a dramatic effect on your Christmas tree’s overall appearance. To hang your Christmas lights vertically, begin at the bottom of your tree and string through the top and then back down the “mountain.” Continue until your tree is completely wrapped in lights, remembering to tuck the strands in to make room for your other ornaments and Christmas decorations.

Types of Lighting

When decorating your Christmas tree, the type of lighting you use is key to your vision. Check out these top types of lighting for inspiration:

  • Minimalist Lighting: With today’s home decor shifting to a more minimalist style, it is no surprise that Christmas decorations are following suit. To achieve a minimalist look for your Christmas tree lighting, use large bulbs like globe string lights working to wrap your lights loosely but securely around your tree. This is a great technique for putting lights on a sparse Christmas tree.
  • Moderate Lighting: For a bright take on a classic Christmas tree look, moderate lighting uses LED Christmas lights or mini lights to cover the tree with fewer lights by working the string of lights under and over each branch.
  • Showcase Lighting: To achieve an outstanding, jaw-dropping, over-the-top Rockefeller Christmas tree look, you will need extra lighting. Double the number of lights, while playing around with different stringing techniques covering your entire tree!

How Many Lights Do I Need?

No matter your preferred lighting style, The Christmas Light Emporium is here to help you achieve your look flawlessly. Follow our easy-to-use guide for the proper spacing and number of lights for your Christmas tree:


Tips and Considerations to Safely Hang Tree Lights

At The Christmas Light Emporium, we want your holiday to be magical and safe! Here are our top tips for safe, holiday lighting:

  • Christmas tree lights come in two different types: end-to-end and stacked. End-to-end lights are string-to-string, meaning that the plugs are attached to the end of the string of lights. Stacked plugs are different in that they can be joined together to create long strands of lights. When choosing your tree lights, be sure to check the boxes to make sure that they are all compatible.
  • To maximize safety, never plug more than two extension cords together. Instead, buy them in the lengths you need, and make sure they can handle the wattage of the bulbs. The wattages of all the lights you use should be the same to prevent power surges and prolong the life of the bulbs.
  • Plug in the lights before you remove them from the box to see if they work. This way, you can avoid putting up lights that don't work.
  • Consider using miniature clear (white) lights for your base lighting, then add strands of the new cool-burning large bulbs for color and variety. Alternatively, add novelty lights, such as flickering flames, flashing lights, bubble lights, or other shapes.

Choose The Christmas Light Emporium

The Christmas Light Emporium offers a wide variety of Christmas lights and accessories to suit any need or budget. Whether you are looking for traditional incandescent lights, LED lights, or something more unique, we have the perfect solution for you. We also offer a wide selection of Christmas decorations, so you can find the perfect way to trim your tree or deck the halls. Shop today!

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