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LED Christmas Lights

At The Christmas Light Emporium, we believe that Christmas lights are a wonderful way to ring in the holiday season. With the large selection of LED Christmas lights available on the market today, it can be challenging trying to decide which type of lights will work best for your home. Before you pick up some LED Christmas Light Strings or Light Bulbs, it’s important to understand what LED lights are. Let’s take a look at the history of Christmas lights and the basics of LED lights so you can be well prepared when it comes time to order new Christmas lights.

The History of Christmas Lights

According to a variety of sources, the history of Christmas lights dates all the way back to the 17th century. During this time, lights were merely candles that were glued to fixed branches of pine trees. The original Christmas light tradition began in Germany and slowly spread its way over to Eastern Europe. Around 1890, candleholders were invented to hold candles in an attempt to prevent fires. By the start of the 20th century, small lanterns and glass balls were used to illuminate homes. The very first Christmas lights were presented to the public in 1882 by an inventor named Edward Johnson. Working under the brilliant Thomas Edison, Johnson lit up a Christmas tree in New York City by stringing it with 80 small light bulbs. A mere eight years later, Johnson decided to market his electric Christmas lights, and by 1900, department stores were displaying his product and marketing this new lighting fad. Thanks to Johnson, Christmas lights have become ubiquitous in many parts of the country during the holiday season. These days, there are a variety of lighting solutions available to help you decorate your home for Christmas. Among the most popular lighting options are LED light bulbs.

The Basics of LED Lights

Today’s most efficient way of illuminating the interior and exterior of your home is undoubtedly through the use of LED lights. When compared to the more traditional technologies such as incandescent and halogen bulbs, you will find that LED lights are the smartest, most energy-saving solution. LED stands for light-emitting diodes, and these lights tend to last significantly longer than other light bulbs on the market. These lights also consume far less energy and emit less heat, meaning you can save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill by utilizing these lights. Another perk of LED bulbs is that they are highly durable and they do not feature fragile elements like glass tubes or filaments. These are also a safer lighting option because they do not contain mercury or lead.

How Much Power Do They Use?

Did you know that LED light bulbs use approximately 90 percent less energy than their incandescent and halogen counterparts? These bulbs are far more efficient at converting electricity and measuring watts. For example, a four watt LED bulb can easily achieve the same light output as a 50-watt halogen bulb due to its high lumen (Lm) to watt ratio.

How Long Do They Last?

One of the biggest perks of investing in LED lights is their outstanding lifespan. How do they achieve such a long lifespan, you ask? LED lights are very efficient when it comes to thermal management, and they have the ability to remove heat through heat sinks to help prolong the life of the bulb by slowing down lumen deprecation. A well-constructed LED light with excellent thermal management should last up to 50,000 hours!

How Bright Are LED Lights?

The brightness of each LED light bulb is measured in lumens, and the higher amount of lumens a light has, the brighter the bulb will be. Even though LED lights use very low wattage levels, they are still able to emit the same brightness that a traditional light bulb does. While many consumers used to look at the wattage of a light bulb to determine a light bulb’s efficiency, wattage only refers to the amount of energy being used. It’s also important to look at the amount of lumens in a light bulb, as this relates to the measurement of brightness. The chart below can help you to determine how many lumens you should expect from your new bulbs.


Watts (Energy) - Incandescent/LED

Lumens (Brightness)

150 W / 25-28 W

2600 Lm

100 W / 16-20 W

1600 Lm

75 W / 9-13 W

1100 Lm

60 W / 8-12 W

800 Lm

40 W / 6-9 W

450 Lm

*Estimates based on incandescent bulbs


Are They Eco-Friendly?

Did you know that LED lights are extremely eco-friendly? When you replace your traditional light bulbs with LED, you are essentially reducing harmful CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels from being released into the air. These lights also do not contain toxic elements, like their old lighting counterparts. According to Energy Star®, a joint program for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, LED bulbs meet specific energy-efficiency guidelines, making them the best option for homeowners and business owners.

The Benefits of LED Christmas Lights

While most people know that LED Christmas lights can save them money on their electricity bill, there are many more reasons to implement LED lights in your home. In fact, a recent nationwide survey found that more than 57 percent of consumers prefer LED Christmas lights over incandescent lights. Let’s look at the reasons why people prefer LED lights over traditional. When you install LED Christmas lights inside or outside your home, you can typically connect eight to 10 more mini light strings together than you would with incandescent bulbs. While most traditional Christmas lights only allow you to connect four or five sets of light at a time, many LED mini light strings allow you to connect to more than 50 strings, depending on the light count. Another major benefit of LED Christmas lights is they produce little to no heat, which means they are always cool to the touch. This can be extremely beneficial if you have young children and animals around. LED Christmas lights are specifically designed to last thousands of hours, which is much better than the lifespan of their more traditional counterparts. Instead of having to swap out your Christmas lights every year because the glass bulbs are always breaking, getting hot and running up your electric bill, LED lights will let you use the same bulbs for several seasons at a time with little to no breakage, no heat buildup and all for about 90% lower electricity cost.

The Different Types of LED Christmas Lights

If you’re shopping for new LED Christmas lights, you may be intimidated by the numbers of lighting options available. Luckily, the lighting experts at The Christmas Light Emporium are here to help you distinguish between the various LED lights that are available.

C7 and C9 LED Lights

Whether you’re looking to highlight your Christmas tree or you want to string lights along your roof, C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights may be the perfect lighting solution for you. These Christmas lights feature the traditional design you’ve always loved in incandescent bulbs, but with the benefits of LED technology. These lights are often used to hang across rooftops or wrap around outdoor trees. At The Christmas Light Emporium, we’re proud to offer C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. From pure white to Christmas green, we carry some of the best Christmas lights around that will have your guests and neighbors talking for years to come.

C6 LED Lights

Another great LED Christmas Lighting option are C6 light strings. Smaller in size and design when compared to C7 and C9 bulbs, C6 bulbs are very versatile. These lights are perfect for decorating projects, whether you want to light up the picket fence outside your home or you’re looking to spruce up some bushes in front of your home’s entryway.

M5 LED Lights

If you’re looking for mini LED Christmas lights, consider picking up some M5 lights. These mini-LED lights have an elongated shape, giving a more traditional look than other bulb styles. You can use this style of Christmas lights anywhere, including on your Christmas tree, garland, wreaths, and bushes.

LED Strobe Lights

If you’re shopping for a decorative and fun LED Christmas light to display in front of your home, consider purchasing LED strobe lights. These lights feature LED screw-in replacement bulbs that are designed for traditional C9 light sockets and offer 180 flashes per minute. At The Christmas Light Emporium, we offer a variety of LED Christmas strobe lights in a several colors, including green, red, and blue.

LED Strings

Another popular LED Christmas lighting option are 5mm (also called "wide angle") LED lighting strings and G12 or "raspberry" LED light strings. These lights are often globe-shaped or button-shaped and can help create a captivating and decorative display during the holiday season. Small in size and simple to install, these Christmas lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

LED Christmas Lights at The Christmas Light Emporium

If you’re looking for energy-efficient, LED Christmas lights for your home or business, browse The Christmas Light Emporium’s lighting store online today. We offer a variety of LED Christmas lights to decorate the interior and exterior of your property on an affordable budget. Whether you want to pick up some LED Christmas Light Strings or LED Christmas Light Bulbs, you’ll love browsing through our large collection of lights online.

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