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Decorate Your Apartment With LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights are a staple when it comes to holiday decor, but they're not just for the holidays! Christmas lights bring a warm and cozy feeling to any home and there are a ton of alternative ways to decorate your space with Christmas lights both in and out of holiday seasons. Today we're going to give you a few unique, DIY ways to use Christmas lights to spice up your home!
  • If you like the rustic chic look, consider burlap garland! All you have to do is sew a strand of Christmas lights into a large piece of burlap and voila!
  • If you've got a porch or balcony at your home, consider making an illuminated porch canopy! Take Christmas lights and string them back and forth however you light to create a twinkle porch canopy that will add the perfect touch to being outside all year long.
  • Make super cute dixie cup garland that lights up! It will add a pop of color to any space!
  • Use Christmas lights to create a framed card or photo display that you can keep up all year long!
  • Create an amazing photo-booth backdrop with string lights allowed to hang behind tulle or sheer white curtains or fabric. You can also use this same technique to create a cute DIY headboard!
  • Create an amazing light tree on your wall by creating your outline with pins or nails first, then wrapping the lights around the pins. Here's an example.
  • A great alternative fall decoration is to make pumpkin luminaries. Poke holes through the pumpkin after gutting it and then stick the lights through the holes from the inside out.

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