Bring Your Home to Life With Christmas Cheer! Part II

Bring Your Home to Life With Christmas Cheer! Part II

The most magical time of the year is almost here! Between shopping, travel plans, and parties with your friends and coworkers, you may find yourself feeling more stressed than cheerful. Decorating your home with friends and loved ones is a great way to remind yourself about the real meaning of the season, and it doesn’t have to cost you a significant amount of time or money!

We provided you with three tips for adding Christmas cheer to your home in a previous post, and in today’s post, we’ll continue to provide you with ideas that will make your home the most cheerful place on the block this Christmas. When you’ve finished reading this post, be sure to look through our catalog to find the perfect Christmas lights and decorations for your home!

Create Your Own Ornaments 

Christmas is about togetherness and celebrating the ones you love, and there’s almost nothing quite as fun as sitting down with your loved ones to create your own ornaments. You can turn on your favorite Christmas music, sit down with a cup of hot chocolate, and make ornaments for anyone you know! This is one of the best ways to spend quality time with the important people in your life while also creating cost-effective gifts. Here are just a few ornament ideas:

  • Lightbulb snow globes
  • Personalized photograph ornaments
  • Felt Christmas trees
  • Painted pinecones
  • Wine cork reindeers

If you’re a confident host, then consider inviting your neighbors to join the fun!

Invest in Something Unique

As we noted in our last post, there’s a fine line between tradition and boredom. If you want to add something unique to your existing stock of LED Christmas lights, then consider investing in one of our new LED laser-etched decorations. With everything from 25-inch green pinwheel stars to 13-inch white snowflakes, these decorations will truly add a unique touch to your yard. Even if you purchase one small item for your home each year, you can create a fun tradition that will be remembered for years to come.

Bake and Decorate Cookies 

Nothing captures the spirit of Christmas quite like a fresh batch of cookies. You probably have fond memories of baking cookies with your parents when you were younger, and Christmas is the perfect time to recreate those memories with the special people in your life. While we recommend that you bake all of your favorite recipes, sugar cookies are a time-tested tradition that can provide you and the ones you love with hours of entertainment. Prepare the dough a day or two in advance and throw a cookie decorating party, and then hand the finished product out to your coworkers, neighbors, or anyone else who loves cookies (and who doesn’t?!). Just make sure that you leave enough for Santa!

These are just a few of the ways you can add Christmas cheer to your home this year. We know the value of merriment during the Christmas season, and our LED Christmas lights will bring your entire neighborhood to life. Be sure to browse our catalog to buy everything you need for a magical Christmas this year!

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