What Holidays and Occasions Can You Decorate With Lights?

What Holidays and Occasions Can You Decorate With Lights?
Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or simply decorating for a special occasion, lights have a way of making everything seem more festive. That being said, most people associate lights with Christmas, especially when you hang them up on the outside of your home, but that doesn’t have to be the case, There are many different holidays and occasions where hanging lights can bring the whole day and event together, and in this post, we will discuss just a few of those different situations.
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Movie Night
Who said that lights are only for the outside of your home? Twinkle lights can also be a great addition for the inside of your home, especially if you’re hosting a movie night! When you host a movie night, you want to make the inside of your home as comfy and cozy as possible, and while some people may like to watch movies in complete darkness, most will agree that having all of the lights on can kill the vibe. Instead, consider hanging lights around your living room so that you can create a more comfortable ambiance without completely ruining the movie experience.
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating the new year, so why not take your celebration up a level with lights? One great way to do this is by hanging lights around your porch or deck. This will create a really beautiful and festive look for all of your guests as they arrive, and it will also make your home stand out among the rest.
When it comes to Halloween, you definitely want your home to be the spookiest on the block, and that means adding some holiday lighting! One great way to do this is by hanging skeleton lights around your home. These are really easy to find, and they add a really fun and spooky touch to any Halloween decoration. If you can't find skeleton lights, consider buying orange or even white lights. You can hang orange lights around the outside of your home and use white lighting to create spooky shadows around your decorations.
Milestone Birthdays
Whether you’re turning 21, 30, or 50, adding holiday lighting can make the big day even more special. Regardless of what age you're turning, consider decorating your home with holiday lighting inside and out! This will not only make the day more special, but it can also help liven up the atmosphere, especially when paired with other decorations.
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