Use Outdoor LED String Lights Indoors For Easy Apartment Mood Lighting

They're called outdoor LED string lights, so they must only be intended for use outside your house, right? Wrong! Because outdoor LED lights are incredibly efficient and built to withstand extreme heat and cold, they’re actually a much safer option for indoor use too; they can be draped just about anywhere, and you won’t have to worry about them wasting energy or getting hot and starting a fire in your home. Since many apartments are built to be neutral and efficient, they often come with terrible ceiling light fixtures that cast an undesirable pallor over the entire room. Since most landlords won’t let tenants make major changes to light fixtures, our outdoor LED string lights can be an easy way to create eye-friendly mood lighting without investing in a million lamps. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Bed Post Lighting

Wrap a few strands of outdoor LED string lights around the two bedposts that are closest to the wall for a calming light that’s perfect for reading or romance. If you have tall bedposts, you can even drape the string lights between two posts for an added effect!

Decorative Ladder Light

Looking for a way to light up that gloomy corner of your living room, but don’t just want to buy another tall lamp? Find an old wood ladder and lean it up against the wall, then wind some outdoor LED string lights around each step and the side rails. It’s an accent lighting piece all your friends will want to copy!

Mirror Backlighting

Lighting is key to any perfect makeup application, but most apartments have terrible bathroom light fixtures. Use outdoor LED string lights to frame your mirror for soft, quality lighting that illuminates your face just like a movie star! Want to use some of these ideas for outdoor LED string lights in your apartment? Shop our full selection today.

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