Set Up Your Tree Like A Pro!

Christmas is a jolly time of year, and many people look forward to spending the holidays with family and friends. Other than good old family time and celebrating Christmas in itself, there’s something about decorating your home that makes December the month everyone’s waiting for. Traditionally, many people who celebrate Christmas have a natural or artificial pine tree in their home. If you’re someone who loves to decorate your home with a Christmas tree, you’re in the right place! At The Christmas Light Emporium, we want to make sure your artificial tree is standing tall and blooming with color. Read on to learn some great tips on how to set your tree up beautifully.

A tall and straight tree is a happy tree.dreamstime_xxl_46138986

You need to make sure you have a sturdy tree stand. Your artificial tree may have came with a tree stand, but you can always upgrade if it’s not doing its job correctly. However, here’s how to use your tree stand:
  • 2 Piece Steel or Plastic Stands: All you need to do is slide the pieces together and apply a small amount of pressure on the center of the stand until it clicks together
  • 1 Piece Fold-Up Stands: Put the legs of the stand in their locking position. Next, you’ll tighten the bottom or underside of the stand’s thumbscrew to secure.
  • 1 Piece Stand: No assembly is required!

Assemble the artificial tree, one piece at a time.

On many trees, the branches are color coded. Follow the color of the branches accordingly. If you’ve upgraded your tree in recent years, you may get to assemble the tree in 3 pieces or less! Once the tree is assembled, it’s time to shape the branches so that your tree looks as real as possible. You may opt to shape branches in a traditional way or in the new upswept shaping way. The traditional way would be to bend each small branch on the limbs of the tree in an outward direction. If you decide to detail your tree with upswept shaping, you would simply bend each small branch on the limbs upward; however, feel free to mix and match to make your tree look as real as possible!

Add the lights and you’re in business!

Once you finish setting your tree up, it’s time to add your LED Christmas lights! LED Christmas lights are easy to install. All you have to do is wrap your tree in any way you want! Choose to spiral your tree with lights or in any other unique way. Shop for LED Christmas lights with The Christmas Light Emporium online now! Go ahead and visit us online today to check out all the incredible LED Christmas lights we have for sale online at The Christmas Emporium. We have indoor, outdoor, net and programmable lights you’ll love to tinker with! Enhance your Christmas with all the lights you could ever dream of!

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