Top 10 Ways to Use LED Christmas Lights All Year Long!

Top 10 Ways to Use LED Christmas Lights All Year Long!

Feeling inspired? Want to add some pizzazz to your home? Have fun decorating with LED Christmas lights from The Christmas Light Emporium. You may be wondering, “Aren’t Christmas lights… well, just for Christmas?” Here’s one of Santa’s list of top 10 ways to use LED Christmas lights all year long!

  1. Create your own grand chandelier with a hula hoop, white led icicle lights and other household items. Or use twigs or a large branch with LED Christmas lights for a more rustic look. Having an outdoor dinner party or special event? Wrap LED Christmas lights around an old or broken chandelier for outdoor use.

  2. Use clothespins to hang photographs from creatively placed LED Christmas lights.

  3. Red, white, green or multi-color LED Christmas lights are great for designing signs! Spell out letters, create street signs, arrows or other shapes. Sometimes even Rudolph loses his way!

  4. Want to know the secret to Santa's successful marriage with Mrs. Claus? Hide white or red LED Christmas lights behind a white sheet suspended above to create mood lighting.

  5. Help Santa and his reindeer chart their course for Christmas eve. Form a constellation or the night sky with blue and/or white LED Christmas lights.

  6. Make it snow like in the North Pole! Hang icicle lights from fluffy cloud sculptures.

  7. Create a festive garland by fashioning birthday hats around individual multicolor LED Christmas lights.

  8. Place an entire string of white LED Christmas lights into a loosely woven basket and place it high on a shelf or fireplace. The basket will glitter with tiny specks of light peeking through.

  9. Add a nice ambient light source by tacking a strand of white LED Christmas lights underneath kitchen cabinets or on the underside of a bed frame.

  10. Celebrate other holidays like Mr. and Mrs. Claus do at the North Pole! Use red LED Christmas lights on Valentine’s Day to add more romance or green LED Christmas lights on St. Patty's Day for more luck of the Irish. Get spooky with milk jug lights painted with scary faces for Halloween.
I bet you didn’t know Santa had such style and flair. Now you can too with LED Christmas lights from The Christmas Light Emporium! Shop now and contact us for more fun ways to decorate and brighten your home.

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