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Marry Your Best Friend In The Backyard Of Your Dreams!

There are plenty of places to marry the man or woman of your dreams; where have you chosen to marry yours? If you’re like many, you’re trying to save some cash for your future and are thinking of reserving your backyard for a summer wedding in you and your love’s comfort- and cash-zone. If this sounds about right, you’re in the right place. The professionals at The Christmas Light Emporium encourage you to tie the knot exactly where you want, and if it’s in your backyard, we’re excited for you! All you need to do now is think about the hard work ahead of you. If you’ve been following this blog series, then you already know you’ll need to purchase some beautiful, mood-setting string lights for your memorable wedding.To catch up, we suggest you read this previous post before continuing.

8 More Tips For Making Your Backyard Wedding and Reception One To Remember

3. Decorate your backyard with a theme in mind!

Take some time to ponder what type of theme you want for your wedding. You can choose to forego the elegant wedding and go with a more vintage look, or you could create a more whimsical backyard scene to marry in. No matter what type of wedding you’d like to have, you’ll need to start collecting items for decorating. We’ve already mentioned our string lights are perfect for weddings and are approved for outdoor use; so, what’s next?

Collect items that catch your eye.string lights for weddings

It’s time to start keeping your eye out for items that fit the criteria of your wedding’s theme. You can check out your local thrift stores for candle holders, fake plants that make great accents or spend all of your time shopping online with us! No matter what you choose, we sure the theme and decorations at your wedding will be gorgeous and exactly what you want!

4. Make sure you rent a tent!

Even though rain is a sign of good luck, there are many brides, grooms and guests that would attest that they’d rather stay dry. Feel free to get married under the trees, under the sun or under the stars! It doesn’t matter where you decide to marry, but it’s important to understand that Mother Nature has control over all of us, including the weather on your wedding day. Having a backup plan including a tent that is setup and ready to use is a smart move, even if you don’t want to use it.

Ask vendors for prices about tent, chair and table rentals.

Call around to local vendors and ask for their prices, there are even some who will bargain with you. Additionally, if you’re wanting to save some cash, ask about bundle deals if you’re in need of tables and chairs for the reception/ceremony. Most tent vendors have chairs and table setup available.

Continue to learn more.

To learn more backyard wedding reception and ceremony tips, we encourage you to follow our blog series! Until then, it’s time to collect the lights for your wedding! Shop with The Christmas Light Emporium online now for high quality outdoor strings lights perfect for any outdoor ceremony or reception.

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