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How To Transition to LED Christmas Lights

How To Transition to LED Christmas Lights

If you’re like many Americans, then you’re probably looking for ways to save money this Christmas season. You want to give your family and friends a memorable Christmas, but you don’t want to start off the new year with an empty bank account. If you want to save money on your monthly energy bills, then consider investing in LED Christmas lights. We’ve received a few questions about transitioning from incandescent lights to LEDs this year, so we’re going to take some time to explore this topic in more detail. When you’ve finished reading this post, head over to The Christmas Light Emporium to browse our massive selection of Christmas lights and decorations!

Consider the following situation. You’ve been an avid collector of Christmas lights and decorations for years, and your home is always one of the most impressive displays in the area. However, your collection consists almost entirely of incandescent Christmas lights. You know that LED Christmas lights are much more efficient and will cost you less in the long run, but you can’t afford to purchase new Christmas lights all at once. How should you phase out your incandescent lights?

We’ll start by saying that there’s no right or wrong way to approach this question — the ideal solution really depends on your personal preferences. However, many of our customers have found strategies that work well for them, so here are just a few ideas:

Retrofit Your Display

Retrofitting your current display with LED Christmas lights is a fantastic way to change up your lighting without having your new lights look out of place. You don’t want to have half of your shrubs lit up with incandescent lights while the other half is illuminated with LEDs, so consider phasing out certain sections each year. For instance, you could try replacing the shrubs this year, the trees the next, and then the lights you put on your roof the year after that. You can change up the order however you see fit, of course, but this strategy will keep any discrepancies in brightness and vibrancy to a minimum.

Inside Out 

If you’re anything like us, then you don’t save Christmas lights and decorations just for the outside of your home. You see your indoor Christmas lights much more than the outdoor ones, so consider replacing the interior lights before switching focus to your home’s exterior. You can consider it an early Christmas gift to your family!

Specific Colors

Another great way to switch to LED Christmas lights is to focus on replacing a single color. If your home utilizes a lot of red incandescents, then switch to red LEDs this year. You can swap out different colors every year until your entire home is covered in bright and efficient LED Christmas bulbs!

We hope that this post will help you make the switch from incandescent Christmas lights to LED bulbs in the coming years. Please contact The Christmas Light Emporium with any additional questions you have, or with any stories about how you’ve made the switch yourself!

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