Enhance Your Bedroom With Christmas Lights

Believe it or not, Christmas lights are used year-round to decorate homes. Whether you’d like to decorate your patio, front room, kitchen or bedroom, an affordable and high-quality set of outdoor LED Christmas lights are the perfect option to add a little bit of pizzaz to your home. But, what should you do with the lights? Here are some fun ideas:

How To Hang Lights To Create a Mystical Atmosphere

DIY Curtain Headboard

This is definitely an improvement to your bedroom everyone who enters will enjoy viewing. For a soft and subtle appearance, purchase white icicle LED Christmas lights from us and start creating this mystical scene by hanging the length of the Christmas lights 3 to 4 feet above your headboard. Hang them with a strong tack or a nail. Make sure the Christmas lights are even on both sides and dangle the edges straight down towards the floor. Make sure you position your lights and bed to be near an outlet.

Moonlit Trees

Moonlit trees can improve your home ten-fold. Whether you’d like them in your bedroom or your living room, either are a superb choice. First, you’ll need to purchase a few trees, or go outside and find big branches that can stand upright and pose as leafless trees; you can also decide to go to your local craft store to purchase fake, leafless trees. Find something sturdy to place the end of the branches in so they can stand upright. Once the trees are in place, you’ll take your LED Christmas lights, and gently drape or wrap them around each branch of the tree, including the trunk. You can choose to hang as many strands on the trees you have, or use one for as many as you can; it’s up to you! Just make sure the end of the light string is close to an outlet so you can have power. We suggest wrapping from the top of the tree branches towards the base of the trunk for the best results.

Sparkling Vanity Mirror

Have you always wanted to have a well-lit mirror to put on makeup or to get ready for the day with some impressive light? A great way to do this is by purchasing white LED lights for your dresser or mirror. Gently wrap the lights along the edges of your mirror, and plug in your lights. Wallah! You’ll have a bright mirror the next time you’re searching for light that shows of your best features.

For more ways to use your Christmas lights, stay tuned for our next blog!

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