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Decorate & Be Merry

Are you someone who can’t get enough of Christmas? We all love gathering with family and friends, but more than anything, we love experiencing the aura that the season brings. Christmas lights and decorations are a great way to remind you that it’s Christmas time. If you love to participate in decorating your home with lights, then you’ll love what we’ve prepared for you today! We’ve been providing our LED Christmas light customers with some easy ways to save money, stay organized and safe this holiday season when putting up lights. Here are some more great tips.
  1. While you’re in the Christmas spirit, plan out next year’s LED Christmas light display. Christmas lights usually always go on sale right after December 25th, so it’s a great idea to hurry in for that sale online here at The Christmas Light Emporium to get the best prices and save some dough on your favorite light strands.
  2. If you don’t like stapling your eaves or clipping lights to your gutters year after year, think about permanent attachments to not only save time but save the hassle. Permanent light clips are a little more pricey, but it’s a great price to pay for not having to worry about lost clips, etc.
  3. Don’t ever guess about how many LED Christmas light strands you’ll need. Instead, take a look at your home’s blueprints or measure the roof yourself. Use these measurements as a guide on how many light strands you’ll need to order.
  4. How do you usually store your Christmas lights? We have all experienced trying to untangle lights that makes us not want to put them up on the roof the following year, so try something new: store them in a ball. Although this may sound counterproductive, wrapping the lights 5 times in one direction, then turning the ball 90 degrees and repeating the wrapping is the best way to store lights. Once they’re all wrapped up, store them in a cardboard box. Fact: did you know that cardboard absorbs residual moisture and will extend the life of your lights? So choose to store lights in cardboard rather than a plastic bag!
Start shopping for LED Christmas lights at The Christmas Light Emporium today and contact us with any questions or concerns.

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