Creative Uses for Your LED Christmas Lights

Creative Uses for Your LED Christmas Lights

If you’re like most Americans, you probably take your LED Christmas lights out of storage sometime in November and then take them down around January. Considering that LED Christmas lighting is an investment, it’s a shame to leave your lights in storage for the majority of the year! In today’s post, we’ll give you a few fun ways to use your LED Christmas lights throughout the year, paying special attention to spring and summer activities. When you’ve finished reading this post, be sure to shop our huge selection of LED outdoor Christmas lights! Whether you’re hosting a fun BBQ or preparing for December already, we have everything you need to make your home the talk of the neighborhood. 

Christmas in July

We’d be remiss if we failed to list this as our first tip for using LED Christmas lights outside of the usual holiday season. If you’ve never celebrated Christmas in July, you don’t know what you’re missing! Invite your friends and family over to decorate cookies and eat the usual festive foods with a fun summer twist. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is to celebrate Christmas early, and you don’t have to put your LED Christmas lights on your home in order to use them. Try hanging them from your ceiling or along your walls as your friends and family arrive for a fun and festive look!

Porch Lighting

We’re just on the cusp of spring, and we’re guessing that you’re as excited as we are for all of the outdoor parties and gatherings the warm weather brings. Whether you’re hosting a big BBQ for the neighborhood or having a few friends over for dinner, having the right outdoor lighting is crucial to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you’ve collected white or soft-colored LED Christmas lights, you can wrap them around your balcony or hang them from your patio’s ceiling for a fun and interesting lighting effect. If you’re in search of a look that provides your deck with even more decor, you can even buy or make your own lanterns to conceal your LED Christmas lights. Paper, wicker, and metal lanterns can provide you with an elegant and sophisticated way to adorn your porch with any color of LED Christmas lighting all year long.

Highlight Elements of Your Room

Another way to keep your LED Christmas lights out of storage is to adorn items in your bedroom or bathroom with your lights throughout the year. If you read or watch television before bed, you probably want a bit of light in the room so that you can see, but you also don’t want so much light that it’s difficult to sleep when you’re ready for bed. LED Christmas lights can provide you with the perfect lighting for your bedtime rituals while also improving your room’s aesthetic appeal. If you don’t have lights that fit the aesthetic qualities of your room, why not browse our selection of LED Christmas lighting

While you probably don’t want to put flashing lights around your mirrors (although we won’t judge you if you do), LED Christmas lights can provide you with a graceful addition to the mirrors in your room. Standalone and vanity mirrors look great with an item like our Frost Mini Lights draped around the border!

DIY Home Theater

One of the best parts of springs and summer is going to the drive in for a date night or a fun time with your friends. However, it can be expensive to go to the drive in every weekend, and one way to keep the tradition alive throughout the year is to create a do-it-yourself theater in your home. Your design don’t have to be expensive or extravagant – a couch or pile of blankets can provide you and your guests with comfortable seating, and you can get a cheap projector at the cost of a few movie tickets.

As with any movie setting, you want your guests to have enough light to see where they’re going if they have to get up, but you also don’t want all of the lights in the room to be on. Try hanging your LED Christmas lights above your seating area to create a cozy environment for your viewing sessions. If your space doesn’t accommodate lights hanging from the ceiling very well, you can try framing the area where the movie is projected with your lights to draw everyone’s attention to that area of the room.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these tips that will help you repurpose your LED Christmas lights throughout the year. Stay tuned for future posts in which we’ll continue to provide you with fun ways to use your lights all year long. The Christmas Light Emporium is your one-stop-shop for all of your LED Christmas lighting needs – browse our huge selection of LED outdoor Christmas lights today!

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