Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Everyone loves to decorate their home for Christmas. Whether you’re hanging icicle lights outside of your home or decorating the tree with ornaments, there are many fun ways to spruce up your home before Santa arrives. In this blog, we’ll look at some decorating ideas for your mantel, front door, Christmas tree, and more, so you can welcome guests and visitors with festive decor this December.

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Light Up Your Sidewalk For A Warm Welcome

One of our favorite ways to light up a home for Christmas involves a brilliant array of paper luminaries. You can line these up along the front walkway of your home, along your driveway, or you can scatter them on your front porch. To make these simple and effective Christmas lights, you can gather the kids together for a fun weekend activity. All you need to do is pick up some white paper bags, pebbles, and battery-powered LED candle lights. Once you have all of your supplies, place a handful of pebbles in the bottom of your paper bag so it is less likely to blow away or fall over. Using your fingers, make a space for the LED light to rest at the bottom of the bag. Wait until it’s dark outside to turn on the lights, and watch as your walkway turns into a decorative and well-lit piece of your holiday decor.

Utilize Plaid For Your Christmas Decorations

Despite popular belief, plaid is not just for school uniforms and men’s collared shirts! Plaid can be an excellent Christmas theme for your holiday decor. Whether you decide to spruce up your Christmas tree with plaid garland or wrap your presents in plaid wrapping paper, there are many ways to incorporate this design into your holiday decor.

Cheer Up Your Front Door With A Wreath

As guests and family members come to visit you during the holiday season, your front door is one of the first things they will see. If you’re pressed for time but are looking for a way to spruce up your front door, consider purchasing a decorative wreath to hang. Christmas wreaths can add elegance and style to any home, and at The Christmas Light Emporium we’re proud to offer a diverse selection of wreaths and lights online. Shop our holiday decor online today!

Add Some Holiday Cheer To Your Mailbox

To add a slight touch of holiday decor to the exterior of your home, consider adding a large ribbon to your mailbox. Top off a square brick mailbox with a unique bouquet of seasonal winter plants. All you have to do is fill a wide, shallow planter with plants like pansies, cedar, rosemary, and flowering cabbage for a beautiful and appropriate winter floral display. This will work especially well if you live in a city with a mild or warm winter climate. You can also turn your drab mailbox into a red and green Christmas tree by wrapping sheer ribbon and pine garland around it. Secure the materials with a thin, flexible wire or fishing line to ensure your outdoor decor doesn’t get blown away.

Display Christmas Lanterns On Your Front Stoop

Whether you’re hosting a holiday Christmas party or you’ve invited a few of your friends over for a gift exchange, displaying lanterns on your front stoop can be an inviting touch to visitors. Greet your guests in style by arranging a group of festive candleholders and lanterns on your front porch or along your entryway. If you don’t want to use real candles, consider purchasing some LED candle emulators. These will provide the same effects as a real candle, without the risk of starting a fire.

Hang Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Many people love Christmas because it reminds them of precious childhood memories when they were younger. One of the best ways to ring in the holiday season is by decorating your tree with vintage family ornaments. Decorating your tree with a variety of themed ornaments will add a personalized touch to your holiday. As each unique ornament tells a story, your Christmas tree will act as a stellar conversation piece during holiday gatherings.

Decorate Your Pendant Lights

If you want to turn your house into a Christmas haven, consider decorating the pendant lights in your kitchen. You can dress up these simple light fixtures by wrapping them in festive garland. Using a fine wire, you can easily secure the garland to the light fixtures to ensure nothing becomes loose or falls out of place. This can be a great decorating tip for people who have entertaining kitchens.

As you can see, there are many creative ways for you to decorate your home for Christmas this year. If you’re looking for LED Christmas lights and decorations, be sure to browse The Christmas Light Emporiums large online store today!

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