4 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Christmas

4 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Christmas

While Christmas is undoubtedly the most magical time of the year, it’s also the busiest. Between friends and family visiting, shopping, parties, and end-of-the-year projects at work, you’re probably wondering when you’ll find time to prepare your home for Christmas. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with five tips to help you get ready for the big day.

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Start Early 

While all of the tips you’ll read today are important, starting early is without a doubt our most significant and widely applicable tip. Christmas is known as the busiest time of the year for a reason, and the last thing you want is to realize that you still have shopping to do with only a few days left. If you know that you’ll have family in town in the days leading up to Christmas, then be sure to take care of any shopping or cleaning well before they arrive. Wash the sheets and towels in your guest room, purchase some snacks, and make sure that your home has enough food to feed your guests.


You’re probably planning to cover your home in Christmas lights and decorations inside and out, so take this opportunity to do any cleaning you’ve put off in recent months. Vacuum the family room where the tree will go, and be sure to dust off the fireplace before you hang your stockings. It’s easy to forget about the small details, but you may want to clean off the banister and other easily missed areas when you hang your Christmas garlands and other decorations.


Nothing gets people in the Christmas spirit quite like delicious baked goods. Gingerbread homes are a go-to staple in many households, and creating a gingerbread house is a great way to bring the family together in a creative, technology-free setting. You can use the finished houses as decorations around your home, or you can snack on them as the big day approaches (we’re not here to judge!).

Gingerbread homes and other tasty confections are sure to be a hit, but there’s nothing quite like having a plate of fresh cookies on the table during this time of year. From sugar cookies to cinnamon-topped snickerdoodles, a great cookie and cold glass of milk will surely bring Christmas cheer to everyone in your home. Children and guests will love having something to snack on before their favorite Christmas movie, and Santa will certainly appreciate the thought when he comes down the chimney!

Hang Your LED Christmas Lights

While we noted that starting early is the most important tip in this post, hanging your LED Christmas lights is a close second. Your Christmas lights convey a message to everyone who sees your home, and hanging the lights themselves is a great way to bring your family and friends together. Even if your children are too young to help you hang the lights, they’ll have fond memories of watching you bring your home to life with beautiful LED Christmas lights. They may even be inspired to make it a tradition of their own!

We hope that this post will help you prepare your home for Christmas day. Keep an eye on our blog page to read even more about preparing for Christmas, decorating with LED Christmas lights, and so much more.

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