SimpleShow Plug and Play RGB Light Show Props

Not available for 2021! - Due to supply chain issues, the SimpleShow props have been discontinued for the time being. We hope to bring them back at some point in the future, but we know for sure that they will not be available for 2021.

SImpleShow plug and play RGB light show props are the easiest way to add synchronized light and music to your Christmas light display - with no programming required!

SimpleShow is based on technology developed by brain scientists that mimics the way the human brain hears music and represents output in the form of dancing lights. The color palettes, patterns, brightness, sensitivity and other variables are controlled via an iOS or Android app. The controller has a built in microphone as well as an audio input for hard wired sound input. Accessories are available that allow you to combine multiple props and multiple controllers in unique ways in order to create an entire synchronized light show!

The first few props in this series include a 7.5' tall candy cane, 36" snowflakes, 22" and 15" Christmas presents, 13" tall "Ho Ho Ho" and a kit for use on 6'-8' tall Christmas trees.

SimpleShow props are sold as a kit containing the sound reactive light show controller, 5v RGB bullet style pixels and the corrugated plastic prop. Some assembly required. The SImpleShow controller is moisture resistent, but not water proof. Hence, we recommend placing the controllers inside a weatherproof enclosure when using outdoors.

Here is a video example that uses all of the props in our initial release: NOTE: this video was created for Transworld 2020. The SimpleShow line has since been discontinued for the time being.

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