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Animator 10 – Advanced Chase Controller: The Upper Echelon Of Design & Function

Are you looking for a way to have more control over your holiday lighting? Do you want to create fascinating holiday scenes and stunning lighting sequences? This year, you can, with the Animator 10 – Advanced Chase Controller, often referred to as the upper echelon of design and function.

In today’s post from the Christmas Light Emporium, we are going to discuss how the Animator 10 can help your home stand out from the crowd this holiday season. Read on to learn more, and order Animator10 and Christmas lights from the Christmas Light Emporium today.

Woman smiling at lights


Be the Envy of Your Neighbors This Holiday Season

The Animator 10 is a multifunction controller with 10 outputs, 16 built-in patterns, and is the only controller of its kind that also features speed control, giving you more options for your holiday lighting. Whether you want to create a scene of falling snowflakes and flying reindeer, or you’d like to make your house twinkle and sparkle all holiday season, one thing is for sure, your home will be the house everyone is telling their friends about.

PBS Lighting Chase Controller backside


Multifunction Controller With 10 Outputs

The Animator 10 is a multifunction controller with 10 outputs. Simply put, this means that you can connect lights to all 10 channels. You have the option of operating the Animator 10 with any amount of channels up to and including 10. So if you have 10 strings of Christmas lights that you’d like connected to one controller, that’s what the Animator 10 was designed for.

Lights on House


16 Built-In Patterns With Speed Control

Once your lights are connected to the Animator 10, you can choose from 16 different built-in patterns. You can choose from effects like twinkle or sparkle, or from sequences that fade, turn the lights on and off in specific patterns, and so much more. And the Animator 10 is the only 10 channel multifunction controller on the market with speed control, meaning you can control how fast or slow the sequences run, allowing you to truly customize your holiday lighting experience.

Christmas lighting scene with Snowmen, etc.

Create Amazing Holiday-Inspired Scenes

With the Animator 10, the possibilities are endless. From creating a majestic scene of nine tiny reindeer pulling Santa’s sled to conducting a lighting sequence that makes your house a winter wonderland, you can truly make your vision a reality with the Animator 10 from the Christmas Light Emporium. 

Order Your Animator10 – Advanced Chase Controller

At the Christmas Light Emporium, we have one simple mission: to share the joy! We sell products that help you do just that. The Animator 10 is a unique 10 channel controller with endless lighting possibilities. Order your Animator 10 and all of your Christmas lights from the Christmas Light Emporium in time for the holiday season this year!