How To Decorate Your Style of Home

Christmas trees, yard decorations and Christmas lights are all decorations to show your holiday cheer. If you want to be a part of your neighborhood’s community light show, it’s time you purchase the long-lasting and affordable outdoor LED Christmas lights you need to decorate your home thoroughly. Be like the neighbors surrounding you and string your LED lights to the highest peaks to really show you have Christmas spirit. However, if you’ve never decorated your home with Christmas lights prior to this year, it’s time you learn how to put up Christmas lights outside.

Choose suitable lights to hang and figure out where to hang them.

What style house do you call home? Is it a Tudor, Victorian or modern house? Whichever home you have, a light display has the ability to complement not only the style of the home, but the style of the neighborhood without making you and your neighbors look garish. If you aren’t sure how to decorate your house according to its style, here are some considerations to bear in mind:

Victorian Style Home

If you live in a Victorian style home, know there is no such thing as “over the top.” However, keeping your home’s elegance is key to attractive and appealing decorations. When it comes to a Victorian home, we highly suggest strings, strings and more strings. Accentuating every architectural feature of the house will not only enhance the stature of it, but it’ll make your home look like the beacon of your neighborhood’s holiday cheer!

Single Story Home

<p">Single story homes are typically extremely easy to decorate. They have straight lights, subtle peaks and a modern architectural style. Lining the roof with lights from the highest peak to the lowest edge will make your home look jolly and full of cheer. Even consider hanging lights along the fence and entrance walkway for a more dazzling sight.

Multi Story Home

Multi story homes should also be decorated like a Victorian style home. Why? You have more details to accentuate. String lights along porch railings, roof lines and around the columns. Highlight special features your home may have, such as a second story window, a chimney or even a balcony.

Shop for new lights before Santa arrives!

Whatever style of home you live within, it’s crucial you decorate it with the style of outdoor LED Christmas lights you love. Shop online today with the leaders in the Christmas light industry, The Christmas Light Emporium. We’re here to help you find the perfect lights for your home. Shop with us online today; meanwhile, stay tuned for our next blog to learn more on how to find inspiration on how to decorate your home in our next blog: Research Christmas Light Designs.

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