All Seasons Holiday Projection Effects DVD

All Seasons Holiday Projection Effects DVD

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This DVD is our first to provide Window Decor for the entire year. It contains the following video projection... See complete product details...

This DVD is our first to provide Window Decor for the entire year. It contains the following video projection effects:

1. Valentines Hearts Animation
2. Dancing Leprechaun with Pot of Gold and Rainbow
3. Easter Bunny hopping along, and Basket of Candy appearing
4. Virtual Pope waving with Glowing Stain Glass windows behind
5. Waving American Flag
6. President Washington Image
7. Happy Birthday Cake Image
8. Happy Birthday with Grim Reaper Scene
9. Happy Mother's Day Text image
10. Happy Father's Day Text image
12. Fireworks Display
13. Halloween Rat and Spiders - previously unreleased
14. Turkey inside Thanksgiving Border
15. Santa Claus face inside Wreath - previously unreleased
16. Candles and Christmas Balls Decor - previously unreleased
17. Jewish 9 Candle Menorah

Video demo coming soon!. However for the majority of customers who are familiar with Jon Hyer's 40 years of film, video and effects work, you can rest assured the video is quite enjoyable, and the DVD cover (see below) will give you an idea of the content to make an informed purchase decision.

A Statement from the Producer:
"Although there are more than 30 different holidays depending upon who you ask, this collection covers a lot of them, leaving out any which might either be considered "controversial", or simply difficult or impossible to do accurately, in order to please "everyone's personal imagination" of what could/should be done for any of the holidays not represented in this collection. Therefore we decided to leave this collection to contain mostly happy and humorous scenes, and in doing so"answer the 20+ years of customer calls for more fx beyond Halloween and Christmas" - Jon Hyers

Set up is easy! This  is a digital decoration that is played on a standard DVD player out through any standard projector and display onto a rear projection material to provide the illusion of characters walking around inside your house and/or effects projected onto just about any surface! There are many materials you can use for rear projection including something as simple are a window sheer, a shower curtain or other thin white fabric. but the best projection results will come from using a professional rear projection material, sold separately.

All Seasons Holiday Projection Effects for All Holidays


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