Virtual Santa Deluxe Edition - Digital Download

Virtual Santa Deluxe Edition - Digital Download

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Virtual Santa Deluxe Edition, is an enhanced version of the original Virtual Santa. This version comes with many more choices and... See complete product details...

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Virtual Santa Deluxe Edition, is an enhanced version of the original Virtual Santa. This version comes with many more choices and characters. Virtual Santa appears inside several different rooms, with different looks, including the Original Black Background. There are several additional scenes with Elves and Mrs Santa.

This Virtual Santa product is the PREMIUM Virtual Santa product on the market, with the original virtual Santa featured on The Great Christmas Light Fight Show. This product is designed to work with Modern Digital Media Players, or Computers and projectors. 25 Plus Scenes are included, with Santa, Mrs Santa, and Elves. 


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About The Download Files
The Digital Download is a 2.15gb high quality .mp4 file that you can copy to a USB thumb drive or burn to DVD or even an SD card - whatever format you need to create in order to meet the requirements of your playback device. The download link will be available to you in your on screen order confirmation, your email order confirmation as well as within the order details when you log into your account at The Christmas Light Emporium. The download link is valid for 2 downloads (in case your first attempt goes awry) and expires 7 days after purchase.

Set up is easy! Virtual Santa is a digital decoration that is played on a standard DVD player out through any standard projector and display onto a rear projection material to provide the illusion of Santa Claus walking around inside your house! There are many materials you can use for rear projection including something as simple are a window sheer, a shower curtain or other thin white fabric. but the best projection results will come from using a professional rear projection material, sold separately.

The scenes in this video show santa walking around, checking his list, placing presents, eating milk and cookies and looking out the window and waving to the kids. Kids LOVE this video digital decoration. It is *very* realistic. One of the best quality digital decorations ever made with regard to accurate 3D illusion.

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