Clips - TuffClips C9 Christmas Light Clips - Pack of 100

Clips - TuffClips C9 Christmas Light Clips - Pack of 100

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(Donner says "YAHoooOOOooo!")

  • Flexible, affordable, easy-to-use clip holds bulbs at a perfect angle all season long.
  • Made of flex tolerant, break resistant premium plastic blend
  • Time saving design makes sure that no clips get left behind on gutters, ground, under snow, etc - the clips are "hard wired" to the bulb and socket and will NOT fall off during rapid take down or long term off season storage.
  • Designed to withstand hard weather and the rigors of installation and take down year after year.

C9 Tuff Clips - The TuffClip is the best holiday light clip. Period. Made of durable plastic, the TuffClip is designed to withstand the wear and tear of installation, take-down and harsh weather. The ÔÇťsandwich styleÔÇŁ gutter clip has a 360-degree rotating fastener, which eliminates the hassle of power direction during installation. Once assembled, the TuffClip stays attached to the light socket and can easily be stored until next season. Unlike other clips, the TuffClip does not fall apart and stays with the lights, preventing any clips from being lost or left behind. TuffClips are the premium choice of Christmas light installers due to their long term time savings and durability. Available now at The Christmas Light Emporium. Also available for C7 bulbs.


Indestructible plastic shingle hooks for outdoor lights

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