Everything You Need to Help Bring Your Display to Life Using Projected Video Effects

Put your holidays on display with our Projectors, Media Players and Video players  giving your home an eye-catching live action feel! We even offer a couple of different projector kits that come preloaded with the full version original Virtual Santa and other video effects. 

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ProFX Holiday Projection Kit With 9 Included Video Effects
Description The ProFX Holiday Projection Kit allows you to project DVDs, videos, and images via...
SKU: MC775338
$ 199.99 $ 169.99
Christmas Projection Effects Kit With Projector, Virtual Santa, Victorian Carolers and Projection Material
Description This projection effects package for Christmas decorators allows you to project DVDs, videos, and...
$ 194.99 $ 165.99
ProImage High Definition Mini Media Player
Description These little media players are fantastic for all sorts of uses. Chiefly, they eliminate...
$ 69.00 $ 58.99
ProImage 800 Lumen LED Projector for Holiday Effects Projection
Description This projector is perfect for holiday special effects using projection. Whether for Christmas and...
$ 159.00 $ 135.99
Sprite High Definition Video Player With Serial Port Control and Direct Pushbutton Input
Description The Sprite is a low cost High Definition media player that plays HD video...
$ 109.00 $ 92.99