C9 Strobe Lights are a Must for Christmas Light Shows

C9 strobe lights may be just the thing If you are looking for big lighting effects this holiday season. Whether you need attention-getting effects or just want to wow the kids, C9 strobe lights work fantastically in your outdoor light strings. The Christmas Light Emporium is dedicated to helping you with your comprehensive lighting and decorating needs, and we are pleased to make these exciting bulbs available for your holiday use.

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C9 Strobe Light - Red SMD LED
These exciting flashing C9 SMD LED strobe lights are red in color. They are faceted LED screw-in...
74 reviews
$ 6.99
C9 Strobe Light - Red, Xenon Incandescent
These exciting flashing C9 strobe lights are red in color. They are faceted xenon screw-in...
73 reviews
$ 6.99