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What Type of Christmas Light is Right For You? Continued…

C6 Green LED Christmas Light Set - 35 Bulbs - 4" SpacingThere are plenty of colorful LED Christmas lights that are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. So, which lights would you love to use? Whether you’re searching for an indoor or outdoor LED light string, we have all of the best choices. You can choose between LED Wide Angle Mini Lights and LED Mini Lights. But if those two aren’t your first choice, don’t worry! We have plenty more!

LED C6 Light Strings

LED C6 Light Strings are perfect for decorating your tree (fake or real), as well as for decorating any structure outside. They’re big enough to create enough light that is visually appealing. These lights are known as strawberry lights because of their small size. Additionally, these lights are the perfect option for indoor and outdoor use. They’re safe; they’re LED. They can last for years, and are about ¾ of an inch in diameter. Choose between many different colors here at The Christmas Light Emporium.

LED C7 Light StringsLED Christmas Lights, multicolor

Are you searching for a light string set  that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications? The LED C7 Light String is a perfect option for any decoration. Whether you’d like to make a statement by lining your eaves with colorful LED Christmas lights or wrap garland around your staircase to guide Santa to the tree, the LED C7 String Lights are the perfect option. Shop online with us today to find the C7 lights you need!

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We have plenty of light strings that you’ll love. Browse online today with The Christmas Light Emporium to find the colorful and perfect sized outdoor/indoor LED Christmas light strings you need. Shop now and contact us with any questions or concerns.

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