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What Type of Christmas Light is Right For You?

M5 Blue LED Mini Lights - 35 Bulbs - 4" SpacingThere are plenty of types of light bulbs you can purchase to string along the eaves of your house. From traditional ceramic bulbs to LED mini light strings, there are so many textures, colors, sizes and bulbs to choose between. Which one is right for you? Because there are so many different bulbs and strings of LED Christmas lights for sale online here at The Christmas Light Emporium, we wanted to give you a breakdown. Here it goes:

LED Mini Light Strings

LED Mini Light Strings are the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor use. These light strings were originally designed after the traditional incandescent mini light strings from the past. Although you can find the traditional ones at your nearest hardware store, LED Mini String Lights are the way to go. Why? They can save you plenty of money, and they’ll last for a lot longer. Plus, they’re brighter than their incandescent counterparts, and can be used both inside and outside of your home. We don’t think there can be anything greater than that!

LED Wide Angle Mini Lights5mm Wide Angle LED Trunk Wrap Lights – 100 Bulbs, 2’x6′ – Multicolor

LED Wide Angle Mini Lights are perfect for individuals who are looking for a “polka dot” effect. Although they’re nearly the same size as the LED Mini Light Strings, the Wide Angle Mini Lights are perfect to disperse a wide amount of colorful light in a circular pattern, hence the nickname polka dot lights.

Shop for Mini Lights!

There are plenty of amazing LED mini light strings that would look fantastic within your home or wrapped around a banister outside. Check out our LED Christmas lights for sale online with The Christmas Light Emporium; your go-to Christmas light gurus, now!

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