We Debunk LED Christmas Light Myths

Here at The Christmas Light Emporium, we're a wholesale and retail source for LED Christmas lights. We know that LED lighting gets a bad reputation sometimes with all of the myths and misconceptions floating around. Today we're going to debunk a few of the biggest myths in LED lighting and shining some light on the truth.
  1. LED lighting is too expensive to be a viable alternative. While this is a common misconception, it's not true! Every day technology is always pricey as investors seek ROI, however, market saturation and competition have driven LED prices way down to what is now very commercially feasible prices.
  2. LED lighting is way too bright! Depending on how well they're designed, LED luminaires can appear brighter due to the sight of single chips to the naked eye. Lighting requirements have changed a lot over the past few decades but our needs definitely haven't! Most LED manufacturers design their products with the same applications in mind as traditional lighting, meaning that they're totally a suitable brightness for the application and specifications that you need / have.
  3. LEDs can save 95% energy! While LED lighting can definitely save you money as they consume considerably less energy as conventional lighting, don't be fooled by misguided quotes by manufacturers. While 95% may be true in some applications, it does vary. In reality, domestic LED products tend to offer around 85% reduction, commercial LED products offer up to 50-60% reduction, and commercial LED use offers between 30 and 50% energy reduction.
Are you ready for Christmas? While it's only September, it's never too early to start planning!

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