Unique Color Palettes: Elevate Your Christmas Lights This Season

At the Christmas Light Emporium, it’s our mission to spread joy and to help others enjoy the holiday season. We do this by offering a wide selection of Christmas lights online as well as all the other accessories you could ever need to light up your home to celebrate the holiday season.

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In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss a few unique color patterns that we offer. With these light sets, you can celebrate Christmas in your favorite colors and help your home stand out from the rest. Read on to learn more, and order your Christmas lights online today from the Christmas Light Emporium

Caribbean blue christmas lights


Caribbean Blue

Our Caribbean Blue Christmas lights come with aquamarine, green, and blue lights on one strand. This color palette may remind you of the Caribbean waters. The light blue hues perfectly portray water and ice, while creating a soft, calming Christmas vibe that is a wonderful match for those who want to decorate their home but don’t want to stick to the traditional red and green color palette.  

aurora christmas lights



Our Aurora Christmas lights are inspired by the colors of the aurora borealis, with the strand containing purple, aquamarine, and blue lights. While you may not envision these as traditional Christmas colors, our Aurora Christmas lights are perfect when you want to add an elegant touch to a display or portray the night sky.


Our Enchantment Christmas lights include warm white, cool white, and champagne colored lights. They are perfect for adding a warm feeling to a lighting display. Using these in place of a traditional white light strand can help to create a more complex and intriguing lighting display. 

glacier christmas lights



Our Glacier Christmas lights are a stunning mixture of cool white, aquamarine, and blue lights. Perfect for adding more dimension to North Pole scenes, these unique Christmas lights can be used anywhere you would normally place traditional white or blue lights.


Our Miami Christmas lights provide an elevated take on multicolor Christmas lights. With a combination of aquamarine, lime, and pink, these lights add a fun array of bright colors to your Christmas display. 

magic christmas lights


At the Christmas Light Emporium, we also offer two similarly stunning Christmas light strands called Magic and Treasure.  Our Treasure Christmas lights are a strand of white bulbs with every fifth bulb being an RGB bulb that slowly fades from red to green to blue. Our Magic Christmas lights are incredibly similar, as they contain warm white slow-fading bulbs with every other bulb being an RGB bulb. Both of these unique Christmas lights are perfect for adding elegant motion to Christmas trees, wreaths, greenery, and shrubs. 

Order Your Christmas Lights From the Christmas Light Emporium 

If you’re looking for unique color patterns to add to your Christmas light display, look no further than the selection from the Christmas Light Emporium. Order Christmas lights in your favorite color today!

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