SPT-1 Wire And Slide-On Plugs Makes Extension Cords Custom Fit

As Christmas decorating enthusiasts have grown in number over the years, so have their displays have become larger and more complicated. One of the early complications and expenses of designing and building a large Christmas display used to be extension cords. Extension cords are not only expensive, but with large Christmas light displays they can create a very large and often ugly mess of tangled wires that distracts from the beauty of the display. However, with some careful planning, you can shave some costs and clean up those piles of extension cords by building your own custom fit extension cords using SPT1 lamp cord and SPT1 slide on vampire plugs. Slide on plugs are often used by professional Christmas light installers. They allow you to make your cords custom fit the lengths that you need and provide a more organized, cleaner, professional result. This is especially helpful if you are designing and installing a computerized Christmas light show. With todays RGB LED lighting and high tech light lighting controllers, you can very quickly find yourself with hundreds or even thousands of extension cords to manage.

Here's how to clean up the mess by making your own extension cords using SPT-1 wire and SPT-1 slide on vampire plugs:

1. These instructions apply for both the male slide on vampire plugs and the female slide on vampire plugs 2. Determine the length of SPT-1 lamp cord you will need for each run. 3. Cut the SPT-1 wire to length, but do not strip the insulation from the wire. 4. If your SPT1 slide on vampire plugs already have the slider backs on them (this is unusual), remove the slider back. If your SPT1 slide on vampire plugs and slider backs are already separated, move on to the next step. 5. Insert the SPT1 lamp cord into the small pocket at the enclosed end of the plug. Make sure the end of the SPT1 lamp cord goes down into the pocket and fits nicely. Be sure the ribbed side of the SPT-1 wire is on the right-hand side so that the polarity is correct. The ribbed side of the SPT1 lamp cord needs to contact the large plug tip. Once the SPT1 lamp cord is properly inserted into the pocket, bend the SPT-1 wire so that it makes contact with the two sharp points (vampire teeth). 6. Now simply slide the back cover on the plug. The back cover is designed to press the SPT1 lamp cord into the sharp points (vampire teeth) as you close it, thereby making the electrical connection.www.thechristmaslightemporium.com/lights

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