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Spread Christmas Cheer With LED Christmas Lights!

Christmas is a cheery time of year. There’s  lots of shopping, family gatherings and, of course, Christmas light decorating to be had. If you’re someone who loves decorating your home with Christmas lights that are LED, you’re in the right place! The Christmas Light Emporium has been providing customers with great tips on how to stay safe, organized and even save some energy this year while decorating outside, so without further ado, here are more great tips you’ll love to try out!
  1. Did you know that Christmas lights that are LED cost less to light? That’s right, they actually use anywhere from 70 to 90% less energy and will last you up to 10 times longer than light strands that have classic incandescent bulbs.
  2. Have you thought about solar lights? They actually don’t cost anything to run, but they come with a price to pay. They’re roughly four times more expensive than Christmas lights that are LED, but on the flip side, they also cost zero to run. They are also bright burning and a green alternative to using any energy at all. We’re not really sure how long they last, as they are brand new to the Christmas light market.
  3. We all love the sight of Christmas lights, but it’s important that you dismantle your Christmas lights sooner than later, as weather can deteriorate the lights faster. Extend the life of your lights by taking them down immediately after the holidays. Even though they’re made for outdoor use, sun, rain, wind and snow can take a toll on them.
Don’t go anywhere just yet! We have more great tips on how to stay safe, organized and even save money this holiday season. Shop with us at The Christmas Light Emporium now and stay jolly!