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Make Your Yard Shine With LED Christmas Lights

  With just a few weeks left of summer, it’s totally appropriate to start thinking about Christmas decorations, right? Actually, we think about Christmas decorations all the time, but now it’s your turn to join the conversation. These are the top LED Christmas lights or decorations on our radar this year, as we think they’re truly innovative and add a lot to your overall look. C9 Strobe Lights Whether you design and operate commercial light shows or create a display to share the Christmas spirit with your neighbors, C9 strobe lights are a small way to make a big statement. These attention-grabbing lights come in pure white, red, and green LED bulbs with 180 flashes per minute. LED Snowflakes And Stars These simple decorations are a great way to decorate your home’s windows or front yard (maybe both since they range from 24” to 60” in diameter). The LED bulbs save you money which means you can leave them on as a beacon to bring Santa to your home in a cold, winter storm without costing you a fortune. These can be used inside and outside because our LED Christmas lights are waterproof. LED Christmas Light Strands There’s nothing quite as magical and opportunistic as our basic LED Christmas light strands because it gives you the chance to create your masterpiece from scratch. The Christmas Light Emporium offers C7 LED bulbs, C9 LED bulbs, C6 strings, C7 strings, C9 strings, C12 LED globe lights, 5MM LED lights, and M5 LED lights. You can find strands of one color (warm white, pure white, red, green, blue, yellow/gold, orange/amber, pink, and purple), RGB multi-colored strands, and color changing LED lights. See? The possibilities are endless! This is just a small glance into the different LED Christmas lights and decorations we offer here at The Christmas Light Emporium… It’s nearly impossible to talk about all of these cool things in one blog, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself! Have fun planning your decorations this year! By the way - we still sell incandescent Christmas lights, but we love our LED Christmas lights so much more. Check out our blog comparing the two to find out why!

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