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Lumenplay App Enabled RGB LED Lights

The Christmas Light Emporium has partnered with S4 lights to bring you the latest technology in consumer RGB LED lighting and decor options - the Lumenplay app enabled RGB LED light string. We think these are the coolest things since sliced bread and we think you will too. Check out Lumenplay selection here: What is Lumenplay? Lumenplay™ is a string of app-enabled lights that give you the freedom to choose colors, effects, play games and visualize music all from your smart device. Like a chameleon changes colors to adapt to its surroundings, Lumenplay™ app-enabled lights change colors and effects to create a personalized light show with the swipe of a finger. Perfect for holidays, events, parties and more, the multi-colored lights use Bluetooth SMART technology and are energy efficient with long-lasting, durable LEDs that can be used indoor or out. Compatible with any Bluetooth Smart Ready device on either iOS or Android, get ready to Create, Play and Share. The App The Lumenplay™ app gives you the freedom to Create, Play and Share. CREATE Create unique designs through color. Choose from over 16 million colors, and save them for later in the custom color palette. Put your color palette in motion with a carousel of effects. PLAY Pulse your lights to music. Lumenplay™ doesn’t come pre-loaded with songs, instead you select from your music, set it to the colors you choose, and a custom light show is created. SHARE Once you’ve found the perfect song and effect, speed it up, slow it down or change the direction. Love your custom scene? Save it, name it, and share it with friends!

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