Join Our Campaign For Hope!

Join with the Christmas Light Emporium to spread hope, joy, and holiday spirit to your neighborhood during these trying times! COVID-19 has us all holed into our homes and feeling low. Let’s bond together and bring a bit of beauty back to the world with Christmas decorations!

If you’re in need of some Christmas lights, yard decorations, and more, you can shop our in-stock items at the Christmas Light Emporium and begin lighting up your neighborhood and spreading hope into the world right now!

It’s Time For Hope

Across our towns, states, country, and the world as a whole, we are experiencing wild and difficult times. We worry that in these trying times of isolation people may start to lose hope. We believe that hope is the most powerful emotion to the human condition, and it is the most important feeling that we have. It’s what gets us through tough times, keeps us on our feet, empowers us to fight on and continue building towards better times.

Join Our Campaign

All of us at The Christmas Light Emporium have put our lights and decorations back up! There is something magical about seeing Christmas lights twinkle through the darkness in the winter, and those feelings of hope, joy, and excitement can help to carry us through these rough weeks as we prepare and adjust to life with Coronavirus. So hop on your roofs, pull out the sleighs and reindeer, and make your yard truly something to behold. Maybe you haven’t even taken down your lights yet due to the busy demands of life, and you only have to plug them back in!

We’re Still Shipping!

While our team is working remotely, all orders on in-stock items are shipping as long as USPS, UPS, and Fedex continue their shipping services. We won’t stop until we’re forced to. Even then, we’ll still work to provide joy and hope to those around us, and encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same.

Learn More About Our Campaign

The fire has already started, and news outlets across the nation are spreading the word to join our cause. You can read about the campaign for hope with Christmas lights in local news, on, and you can even watch a news piece on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, airing tonight (3/20). This is bigger than us, and we are overjoyed to see the movement of hope take root in our nation.

Share Your Hope And Joy

Once your lights are turned back on, share your pictures and videos on our Facebook page for the world to see! Whether you’ve got a few simple strands of lights or a full-blown setup, we want to see it. We cannot wait to see the impact you can have on your neighborhoods.

"Our philosophy is simple; share the joy! It is this philosophy that lies at the heart of every product we sell and everything we do. We believe that if we help you create as many smiles as possible, spread as much joy as possible, develop as many memories as possible and share the great gift of hope with as many people as possible during the holiday season and beyond, our world will be a far better place."

~Darren Vader, Founder and Head Elf, The Christmas Light Emporium

Turn those lights back on, post your photos and videos, and start spreading the joy and hope. If you are in need of some extra decorations to really spruce up your home, shop now at The Christmas Light Emporium. Please join us now! The world needs to see more hope.

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