Introducing: Really BIG Lights!

Epic decorative lights. Over a foot tall and LED powered. Burly. Efficient. Unique. No tangles and easy to hang. REALLY BIG LIGHTS are the hottest new Christmas decoration available. Bright, durable, safe and BIG, these lights are going to create the festive 'pop' everyone is looking to add to their home for the holidays!!!

Really BIG Lights are unique, super convenient to hang, powered by efficient LED technology, oh and Really Big! And coming soon you will see new attachments for other holidays as well including Halloween, 4th of July and more. Existing customers say these really big LED Christmas lights are "more fun and whimsical" when compared to traditional size LED Christmas lights like C7, C9 or even mini LED Christmas lights. They are designed to resemble the old-fashioned ceramic Christmas lights. The national retail federation estimates that Americans will spend more than $7 billion on Christmas decorations this year. We believe that a large portion of those purchases will be REALLY BIG LED Christmas lights!

really-big-lights-in-christmas-treeThe possibilities are amazing when you think about ways you can use these huge Christmas lights. You can line your roofline/fascia, toss them in your bushes, hang them in a tree in the front yard, pile them in the front yard or even decorate your indoor Christmas tree with them! Get creative. Supersize your Christmas this year with Really BIG Lights. At more than 14" tall, these weather resistant, easy to hang, giant LED Christmas Lights will give you home a unique, yet classic twist this season. Our 5 pack includes 1 each of white, red, blue, green and yellow colors. Check them out by visiting our product page here: Giant LED Christmas Lights

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greg nosbush

purchased 25 last christmas and will get more if i can find them. very durable. every one loved them with our almost 200 other blow mold display.

Darren Vader

Hi Greg – indeed, we were very sad to learn of the demise of Really Big Lights earlier this year. They are one of my personal favorite new decorations of the last few years. With some luck, maybe the manufacturer will be able to bring them back! We’ll see!


will sell again big really lights ????


HI Debra – I don’t know the answer for you, Right now, what we know if that the Really Big Lights company has gone out of business. It is sad since we loved this product a lot. We will certainly carry them if we can again at some point in the future.

jamar miller

oh darn it. I loved these too, wanted to buy like 50 more, this year . I should have bought them last year. these were indeed fantastic.

Cant believe they went out of business, no one else is doing lights this size,

They were perfect for what I needed them for.


really big lights
looking to purchase single light for my set of 5 that I love. I just need a few more.

The Christmas Light Emporium

Hi Vera – unfortunately the manufacturer went out of business a couple of years ago.

Gordon Wilson

Since the company has gone out of business, bummer, can the shells be painted? I’ve had mine now for about 5 or 6 years and the Arizona sun has caused my red ones to fade. All of the blue, white, yellow and green ones are fine.

The Christmas Light Emporium

Hi Gordon – while we can’t vouch for them in actuality, I would think that if you use a paint that is designed for plastic that it should work – at least as well as the paint works.

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