How To Decorate Your Patio With Outdoor LED Lights

There’s no doubt about it, more and more folks are spending time outdoors. You may be thinking that this doesn’t come as a surprise, but what if we told you that many of these individuals are spending time outdoors after the sun sets? If you’re wanting to take advantage of the great outdoors even after dark, you need outdoor LED string lights. In our previous post, we started giving you reasons you may want to have lights on your patio. Just like we promised, here are some ways you can decorate your patio with our affordable outdoor LED string lights. Hang Lights From A Pergola If you have a pergola on your patio, hanging your outdoor LED string lights will be easy. All you need to do is grab a staple gun and a ladder. Go ahead and string your lights on the bottom of the pergola wherever you want light to shine. You can zig zag back and forth or you can line the outside of the structure with the lights. Keep it simple or get intricate; it’s up to you! Follow The Fence If your patio backs up to a fence, you may want to consider putting lights on it. Lighting the fence is easy and once again, all you need is a staple gun. Go ahead and string your LED lights on the top part of the fence, or wherever you’d like the most light, and start stapling! Just make sure you are close to a power outlet before you begin. Go ahead and shop with us online today to find the perfect set of outdoor LED string lights. Shop now!

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Bob Hebeisen

I have LED Christmas lights strung on my porch. I believe they are “C9 Stringers” LED bases with teardrop shaped faceted bulbs. But I’m not sure if I have the terminology right. The “bulbs” thread off at the plastic base and they are empty, they don’t have a filament and the LED remains lit, a bright little nub at the base. Now that it is no longer Christmas I’d like to replace the bulbs with some other design that is less Christmas-y, more decorative or novelty. Do they sell bulbs for this so I don’t need to replace the whole stringer? If so, what are they called and can you link me to these replacement bulbs?

The Christmas Light Emporium

Hi Bob, based on your description it sounds like you have a type of LED strand that requires a proprietary lens replacement. It sounds like your existing strands are what we call ‘pre lamped’ led strands. We sell pre lamped strands as well, but they don’t have removable lenses. You best bet for flexibility into the future is to replace them with a true C9 stringer with fully removable bulbs or with a set of patio stringers and removable bulbs. That way you can switch the bulbs out to whatever you want without having to go to the manufacturer to find out if they have options for the screw on lens replacements. Here are some links to our selection of C9 stringer, C9 bulbs and patio stringers and patio bulbs. The difference is in the base size of the screw in bulb. C9/e17 base for the C9 stringers and e26/medium base bulbs for the patio stringers are both very common base sizes. The Patio stringers use a standard medium base bulb – which is the same as your standard household light bulb:

C9 Stringers:

C9 Bulbs:

Patio Stringers and Bulbs:

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