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Gorgeous Ways To Use Outdoor LED Rope Lights In Your Backyard

Although we love to see pictures of how people have used our outdoor LED lights to decorate for parties and weddings, we also want you to know that our lights aren’t just for special occasions. Backyards, decks, screened-in porches, and patios don’t typically get a lot of use after dark. But with our outdoor LED lights, you can create an affordable, non-intrusive way to turn these areas into outdoor living spaces you’ll use well into the fall. Here are some of our favorite unexpected ways to use outdoor LED rope lights as backyard accent pieces that will impress your friends.

Pathway Lights

Do you have a paved walkway or stone path in your yard? It can cost thousands of dollars to have landscaping lighting installed, but those cheap solar light stakes look far too tacky. Outdoor LED rope lights are a great way to DIY your pathway lighting in a way that’s subtle but effective. Simply run the rope along the edge of the path on one or both sides.

Landscape Lighting

Rock retaining walls, accent boulders, and other landscaping effects look beautiful during the day, but all of the aesthetic patterns disappear as soon as the sun goes down. With a well-placed collection of outdoor LED rope lights, you can create dramatic uplighting that will show off your landscaping at night as well.

Under-Railing Deck Lighting

Looking for a way to illuminate your deck or patio without the unsightly look of string lights wrapped around the railing? Use our rope light accessory kit to attach our outdoor LED lights to the inside or underside of your railing in a jiffy. It will create a clean line of light that will be virtually invisible in the day time! Shop all of our outdoor LED lights here.