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Go Big or Go Home with Really BIG Lights!

Really Big LightsThere’s nothing like celebrating Christmas in a BIG way. You may know what we’re talking about here… Did you know there are more and more Christmas decorations that are big? We’re talking BIG! For instance, there are Really BIG Lights to help you supersize your Christmas. The best part about these lights is that Santa will really be able to spot your house from his sleigh! Durable, BIG and, believe it or not, economical lights are part of our solution to help you celebrate Christmas in a BIG way this year. The Giant LED Christmas Lights from the leaders in the industry, The Christmas Light Emporium, have all of the gigantic decorations you could ever dream. 


BIG Christmas Decorations To Buy:


Really BIG Lights - Giant LED Christmas Lights - 5 Pack - Multicolor

Illuminate your home with the biggest lights in all of the land. These lights will definitely give you the supersized Christmas feel that you want. Make this year BIG by enhancing your home with 14.5 inches tall and 6.55 inches wide, LED powered lights. Each box spans 15 feet and provides you with five multicolor (blue, yellow, red, green and white) giant LED Christmas lights. If multicolor lights aren’t your thing, you may also purchase a string of BIG bright white lights too.


36 Inch Warm White LED Rope Light Snowflake

If you really want to show off your Christmas spirit, decorate your home with a few of these giant snowflakes. Easy-to-hang snowflakes are a quick way to decorate your home without stressing about all the extra essentials you may think you need. With this one three foot snowflake, you’ll be able to shine light up towards Santa in his sleigh and be his guiding light to your home. Shop online with The Christmas Light Emporium today and choose to celebrate in a BIG way! Contact us if you have any questions about our giant products.

Comments (7)

David Holmes

Can you please send me a price list and lengths available for these HUGE Christmas bulbs plz…

The Christmas Light Emporium

Hi David and thanks for asking about pricing on the Really Big Lights. Unfortunately, the manufacturer went out of business last year so no one carries them anymore. Its too bad really since these were one of our favorite decorations!

Sean Tucker

Do you know what kind of light bulb went into these Christmas lights, I bought a few of them and the bulbs have burnt out and it has been hard to find replacements the local light store said they think they are European bases or sizes or something since they are smaller

Darren Vader

hi Sean – if you originally purchased the Really big Lights from us, then the bulb that is used inside them is a standard C9 bulb with an E17 base. Hope that helps!


Are these still available to purchase?


Are these still available to purchase?

The Christmas Light Emporium

Hi Simon, they are no longer available for purchase. The manufacturer went out of business a few years ago.

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